10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the World

If you're organizing a bachelor party, before making any plans you should consider one of the ten best bachelor party destinations in the world. Aside from the actual ceremony, the bachelor party is the most important part of the wedding for the groom.  It is his last night of freedom and partying with the guys and he expects the best.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada is the number one destination for a bachelor party.  Women, gambling, alcohol and partying, Las Vegas has it all. Take in one of Vegas' shows, try out a few of the casinos and have a taste of the top-notch cuisine.  Las Vegas has something for everyone and that is why it is the best location in the world to have a bachelor party.
  2. Montreal, Canada is a great bachelor party destination. Just take a walk down Crescent Street and you'll see plenty of bars, nightclubs and women.  Oh, and of course Montreal is known for their strip clubs.  What more could you want out of a bachelor party?

  3. Paradise Island, Bahamas is also a great destination for a bachelor party.  It has crystal clear water, long white beaches and sunny skies.  If you're going there you might as well go all out and stay at the Atlantis hotel.  This world known landmark is the perfect location for a bachelor party.

  4. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany is another bachelor party destination.  Of course, when you hear Oktoberfest the first thing you think of is beer and that's exactly what this party will provide. Beer, beer and more beer.  You'll be drinking when you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, so be sure to provide enough time to sleep off your inebriation before boarding the plane.

  5. Amsterdam is one of the best bachelor party destinations in the world.  Besides the red light district, there are a lot of other fun spots for a bachelor party. Leidseplein is a great spot for nightlife.  There are many different clubs as well as street entertainers including fire eaters, musicians, and jugglers  for a unique experience. Of course, nothing beats the red light district. The streets are lined with sex shops, brothels and museums all centered around sexuality.

  6. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a great bachelor party destination. Spend the day skiing on one of their challenging mountains and then get ready for the night of your life. Granville street has a large variety of clubs and bars that will provide plenty of drinks and entertainment for the entire party. 

  7. Scottsdale, Arizona is an excellent choice for a golfing excursion.  With more than 200 golf courses to choose from, the groom is sure to have a fun time.  The We-Ko-Pa is the top choice for golfing in Scottsdale.  It combines the unique desert landscaping with an upscale atmosphere that sets this challenging course aside from the rest.

  8. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the best bachelor party destinations.  What can be better than blue water, sunny skies, booze and babes?  You can start the party during the day by enjoying the beaches or taking a fishing trip, while enjoying a few brewskies of course. If you take a fishing trip, plan it later in the day and dock at El Squid Roe.  This is the top partying spot in Cabo and will make for an exciting and action filled evening.

  9. New Orleans, Louisiana is another popular bachelor party destination.  Every man should experience at least one Mardi Gras in their life, and it is best done before marriage.  Bourbon street has many different bars and pubs that make any bachelor party complete.  Mardi Gras is a great choice for a bachelor party, just be sure to bring plenty of beads.

  10. New York, New York is an excellent choice for a bachelor party.  You should plan on making it a weekend trip to see all that New York has to offer.  Hit up Yankee Stadium for a game, or enjoy a day of sightseeing, but be sure to get some rest because after dark is when the party really begins.  Penthouse Executive Club is a must-see for every bachelor party. What can be better than top-notch steaks and strippers?

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