10 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

For all the best men that desire to be creative, here are ten best bachelor party ideas to send set the grooms' last night of freedom off properly. You want to make the groom's last night as a single man is a memorable one. After all, once he has that ball and chain placed around his ankle, the wifey may not let him come out to play too often.

  1. Strip Club. Going to the strip club is by far one of the top best bachelor party ideas practiced. Make sure you go to the bank and change those twenties into singles. The guys will need them to slide them into the G-strings of those eager strippers.
  2. Fight Night in Vegas. If you're in the vicinity, gather up the posse and head out to Vegas, place your wager and may the best contender win.
  3. Casino Trip. Casino trips are another one of the best bachelor party ideas that men partake in. Be sure to have some drinks and dominate the poker table.  One of you just may get lucky before the night is over.
  4. Sports Party. If the groom is getting married during the highlight of the NFL, NBA or NHL seasons, then why not celebrate the victory of your favorite team along with the marriage of the groom.
  5. All Male BBQ Party. Get the pit going, put the beer on ice and get ready for some real male bonding. This is one of the least common bachelor party ideas, put this give guys the time the talk and vent about females while they are away.
  6. Action Packed Movie Night. Warm up the DVD player, get the popcorn ready and sit back and watch some of your favorite action movies starring your favorite characters. It's okay to get tipsy and pass out because no one is driving tonight.
  7. Fishing or Hunting Party. If the groom is an avid fisherman or hunter, then this bachelor party idea is suitable. Whether in the woods or at the lake, boys will be boys and compete on who catches the most fish or who kills the largest game.
  8. Do It Yourself Home Care Party. Is the groom still trying to get the house straight for the soon to be Mrs.? Then gather up all the groomsmen to help out will the fixing problems around the house and painting. That's the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Roast the Groom. This bachelor party idea gives the groomsmen an opportunity to talk smack about all the funny moments and blunders that the groom may have made throughout their friendship.
  10. The Newlywed Game Party. This game is one of the newest best bachelor party ideas to surface. Of course, the game is co-ed so this gives the whole wedding party and friends a way to get together for some laughs and see how well they know each other.
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