10 Best Back Exercises for Men

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The older we get, the more we need to know the 10 best back exercises for men so that we can easily ease the pain stress causes in our backs. Some of the most common back injuries include lumbar strains, herniated disks, and fractured vertebrae. We've had these sorts of back problems ever since we evolved from apes and became bipedal. Those lucky gorillas don't have to worry about the best back exercises for running or anything.

 Whether its stress or injury that causes your back pain, these ten back exercises and stretches will help you feel stronger, more balanced, and will take away the pain.

  1. The Reach: Get on all fours. Reach your right arm straight ahead will lifting your right leg. Hold for five seconds. Switch to left arm and right leg. Do fifteen of each side. This exercise works the muscles up and down your back, your abs, your hips and glutes. It won't make you a rippling, infomercial stud, but it is a go-to exercise for anyone with back problems.
  2. Stretch Your Butt: Believe it or not, back pain often originates in your glutes. Tightness anywhere can pull you out of alignment, but your glutes are big, powerful muscles. Lie on your back and pull your right knee toward your left shoulder. You should feel it stretch in your butt and your hips. Switch to your left knee and right shoulder. Do this stretch for as long as you want. There is no such thing as too much of this stretch.
  3. Lunges: If you don't want your back to hurt, you have to be stronger. Lunges work those leg, hip, and butt muscles to keep you in balance. Start with ten to fifteen on each leg, preferably walking forward.
  4. Foam Roller: Get one of those fat foam cylinders and roll your hips, glutes, and legs, using your body weight to create the proper pressure. Think of it as giving yourself a shiatsu massage. It hurts so good.
  5. Mowers: In a motion similar to cranking a lawnmower, reach your right arm to your left ankle and then pull up until your hand is even with your shoulder. Do ten to fifteen of these and then switch sides. A common theme to all the exercises should be emphasized here. Whatever you do to one side of your body, do to the other. Imbalance causes back pain, so to correct it you have to exercise in a balanced way.
  6. Superman: Lie on your stomach and reach your arms and legs straight out so that your hands and feet are only a few inches off the ground. Seems easy, right? Now do it for a minute. Not so easy anymore.
  7. Swimmers: While you're on the ground you might as well stay there. Bring your arms up as if you were about to dive into a pool. Now lift your upper body as you bring your arms back.
  8. Push-ups: Often overlooked is the fact that to do a proper push-up you need to hold up the middle of your body. Your back and abs get a good workout along with your arms.
  9. Scissors: Lie on your side and raise your leg to a 45 degree angle. Ten to fifteen of these are harder than you would think. Again, your working those crucial hips and glutes.
  10. Lie Down and Relax. Back pain is often the result of stress. Make sure to take it easy, clear your mind, breath deeply and relax. Sometimes that's all you need to feel yourself again.
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