10 Best Bad Girlfriend Songs

The 10 best bad girlfriend songs provide musical proof that not everyone is lucky in love. Ugly relationships caused by straying women is the focus of tunes by classic rock to hip hop. Even heavy metal rockers pen bad girlfriend songs. 

  1. "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Deadman. This song celebrates a bad girlfriend, but bad in this sense has a dual meaning. She's bad and makes the rounds, but the members of Theory of a Deadman don't seem mind too much since she's so bad, in a good way, if you get the pointed drift. Terms like "gold-digger" and "naughty" are featured in this little not-for-sensitive-ears ditty. 
  2. "Beating Around the Bush" by AC/DC. It's AC/DC, so you know the term "bush" here has more than one meaning. The bad girlfriend doesn't get off easy as the band names her the "meanest woman I've even known." Despite that, the guys take the bad girlfriend back for one chance. Some people never learn.
  3. "Heartless" by Kanye West. Songwriter West focuses on a bad girlfriend that can be classified as heartless. The woman blows hot and cold and poor West can't figure out her story and that puts her on the best bad girlfriend song list.
  4. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" by Beyonce. Both a celebration of marriage and a playboy's worst bad girlfriend song, Beyonce tells all girlfriends, good and bad, to get that little ring on the finger that spells marriage. That means a bad girlfriend for men who may like it, but also hate the concept of the ring through the nose. "Da, da, da, da da da da…"
  5. "Take it on the Run" by REO Speedwagon. The men in the Speedwagon target a bad girlfriend in this best song about hearing about a cheating girlfriend from a friend of a friend of a friend. The band thinks the girlfriend is getting a bad rap, but the question remains at the end of the song; "Is she a bad girlfriend or isn't she?"
  6. "Your Cheating Heart" by Hank Williams. Written in 1952 by singer/songwriter Hank Williams, this tune is on the major rock magazine's top 500 list of all time hits. Elvis may have left the building, but his rendition of this bad girlfriend song is legendary. Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and even Patsy Cline in a role bending change of lyric celebrate the bad girlfriend. This tune may just top the list of the ten best bad girlfriend songs. 
  7. "She Wore Red Dresses" by Dwight Yoakam. We all know what a red dress means; bad girlfriend. Yoakam recognizes her badness after his heart is broken and takes revenge into his own hands. Not a pretty end for the bad girlfriend. For folks who like a variation on the classic vengeance tune, this song makes the ten best bad girlfriend song list. 
  8. "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles. Regardless of your musical tastes, this mainstream tune by the West Coast Eagles indicts a bad girlfriend based on the look in her eyes. This girlfriend tart falls in the cheating heart category that Williams set out decades before this 1970s music classic. 
  9. "Nasty Girl" by Ludacris. This tune master has more than one bad, bad girlfriend in this rap ditty. He likes his girlfriends bad in the same way that Theory of a Deadman and AC/DC like bad women. His bad girlfriends include a street worker, college worker and a doctor. 
  10. "Yous a Hoe" by Ludacris. The title says it all. It's a term reserved by some for the worst of the bad girlfriends. This best bad girlfriend song puts it out there and labels the girlfriend so there is no doubt that Ludacris is done with this woman. As with other Ludacris songs, the listener is never sure if the bad girlfriend is really 86-ed or simply put on the back burner to join the girlfriend list in the future. 
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