10 Best Ballad Lyrics

The 10 best ballad lyrics will make you think, shed a tear and hold the one you love a little closer. A good ballad is one that makes you want to read the lyrics while listening to the song. When you start getting into the list of the 10 best ballad lyrics, you will want to close the door and turn down the lights.

  1. Led Zeppelin – "Thank You" This straightforward ballad by one of the greatest rock bands of all time has lyrics that talk about climbing mountains and other ways of showing eternal appreciation. The vocal performance by Robert Plant also helps to put this song on the list of 10 best ballad lyrics.
  2. Skid Row – "I Remember You" When lead singer of Skid Row Sebastian Bach delivers this song with all of the power he is capable of, you can feel the emotion in the lyrics. Remembering the love of someone lost is always a powerful ballad subject, and it puts this song on the list of 10 best ballad lyrics.
  3. Frank Sinatra – "My Way" Many singers have performed "My Way", but it was ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra that first sang it and made it famous. The lyrics talk about a man reflecting on his life as he is on his deathbed and proclaiming that he is proud to have done things his way.
  4. Tim McGraw  – "Don't Take The Girl" Country singer Tim McGraw delivers a powerful ballad about the love of his life and the challenges they face as people try to separate them. A sad but powerful song that belongs on the list of 10 best ballad lyrics.
  5. Terry Jacks – "Seasons In The Sun" If the lyrics in the hit song "Seasons in the Sun" do not bring at least a mist to your eyes, then you need to have your hearing checked. A man is ready do die and thanks the people in his life for the memories in this song worthy of a place on the list of 10 best ballad lyrics ever.
  6. Gordon Lightfoot – "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" Singer and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot tells the sad story of the cargo freighter Edmund Fitzgerald that was lost on Lake Superior in a storm. These lyrics are just as powerful when you read them as when you hear Lightfoot sing them.
  7. Steelheart – "I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)" In the 1980's it was fashionable for singers to show off the power in their high range. When it came to the Steelheart ballad "I'll Never Let You Go", the power of the love in the lyrics was matched only by the range of the lead singer Michael Matijevic.
  8. Garth Brooks – "The Dance" This beautiful song was one of the first hits for country music legend Garth Brooks. The lyrics tell of a story about a man who has lost his lady and says he has no regrets about the time the two of them spent together.
  9. Trace Adkins – "Every Light In The House Is On" It is unclear if the lady that leaves Trace Adkins in "Every Light in the House is On" gave him reason to believe she would be back, but he intends to keep the lights on until she does return. The lyrics in this ballad are incredibly vivid and help to paint a clear picture.
  10. Cinderella – "Don't Know What You Got 'Til Its Gone" There are many ballads written about lost love, but this song by the metal band Cinderella deserves to be on the list of 10 best ballad lyrics of all time. The heart-wrenching lyrics tell a sad story about taking love for granted and realizing it way too late.
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