10 Best Ballads Of 2009

The 10 best ballads of 2009 are songs that everyone needs to hear. Ballads are more than just typical songs because there is no wondering what the song is about; a ballad is a song that tells a story. In most cases we can all find a way to relate to any ballad that is released. These are the best ballads of 2009.

  1. “Best of Both Worlds” by Miley Cyrus in the “Hannah Montana” movie This was one of the best ballads of 2009. There is no question that Miley Cryus is most famous for her role starring as Hannah Montana, so it came as no shock when her movie’s song instantly became one of the best ballads of 2009.
  2. Jake Owen’s song “Tell Me” is another one of the best ballads in 2009. This is a great heartbreak ballad that we love to listen to when our hearts are broken. Jake Owen’s video says this song “is about a bad relationship. We’ve all had one.”
  3. “Who I Was Born To Be” by Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle’s voice mixed with the message of this ballad will give you goose bumps no matter what year you listen to it. This is one of the best ballads of 2009, and is all about growing into who you were meant to be as an adult.
  4. “Solo” by Iyaz is another ballad that was the best in 2009 as well as making a great career starter for Iyaz. This is one of the beloved love songs about how this man does not want to have to face his world solo; he wants his girl with him for all time.
  5. Mariah Carey released “I Wanna Know What Love Is” in 2009 and it quickly went to the top of the list for 2009’s best ballads. Mariah Carey is always known for her amazing vocal abilities but not always for her ballads. This song is being called one of the best pop ballads ever written by some. “I Wanna Know What Love Is” is a ballad about wanting to find that true love in life, the one that really lasts. This is a remake of Foreigner’s hit ballad originally released in 1984.
  6. Whitney Houston made an amazing comeback with one of the best ballads in 2009 when she released “I Look To You”. This song is one of the best ballads released in 2009 because it has Houston’s amazing voice behind a song of someone who has been down and is looking to another person to bring them back up. A ballad means that much more when you know that the artist singing it feels the meaning behind the song, Houston gives you that without a doubt.
  7. Miranda Lambert, the rising country singer, released her hit ballad “The House That Built Me” in 2009. This song is a great ballad about going back to where your story first began to figure out what you lost along the way.
  8. Kellie Picker had another best love ballad of 2009 with “Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again”. This song is another ballad about intense love that is incomparable. It is all about, how even though they do not live an exciting original life, the boy can still make the girl fall in love all over again.
  9. Air Supply released another best ballad when they released “Dance With Me”. If you know anything about Air Supply they have been extremely successful releasing a variety of different ballads, “Dance With Me” is another successful attempt in the ballad department for them. This song is all about dancing and being close to the one you love.
  10. Clay Walker had an amazing touching entry on the best ballad list entitled “She Won’t Be Lonely Long”. This ballad is about a girl who feels that her lover at home is not who she thought he was, so she goes out to a bar looking lonely.
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