10 Best Ballads About Best Friends

The 10 best ballads about best friends apply to guys and girls alike, and usually put into words and melodies the importance of friendship particularly through difficult times. You've no doubt thought about your own buddies and lovers alike when listening to some of the titles on this list of the ten best ballads about best friends.  And if this list doesn't seem to be enough, check out some friends videos to see what friends are all about!

  1. "Blood Brothers." First released on Bruce Springsteen's "Greatest Hits" collection, this song about keeping best friends close to your heart through tough times and passing years is one of the Boss' underrated gems.
  2. "You've Got a Friend." There may be no greater pop song devoted to reaffirming friendships than this Carole King classic, made famous by James Taylor. King released the song on her seminal album, "Tapestry," but Taylor covered it the same year, and it became one of his signature tunes.
  3. "You've Got a Friend in Me." Randy Newman wrote one of the great Disney songs of all time for the first "Toy Story" film. Though the song is ostensibly about a boy and his toy (or, rather, a toy and his boy), the song works for buddies, fathers and sons and anyone who knows that through it all "our friendship will carry on."
  4. "You're My Best Friend." Queen released this song about a lover who is also a best friend on 1975's "A Night at the Opera." It was written by bassist John Deacon about his wife and remains one of the great anniversary songs of all time.
  5. "Lean on Me." Bill Withers wrote this enduring song after moving to Los Angeles from West Virginia. It remains a great song to remind best friends that you're still there, ready to help them "carry on."
  6. "Umbrella." Rihanna sings one of the great modern ballads about friendship when she says, "Told you I'll be here forever; Said I'll always be a friend; Took an oath, I'ma stick it out till the end." And who, frankly, wouldn't want to share Rihanna's umbrella -ella, -ella, -ella…
  7. "With a Little Help from My Friends." Ringo Starr only got a handful of chances to sing lead on a Beatles' song, but he and the lads recorded a beloved song that celebrates gratefully the value of having your best friends around you to help you through anything.
  8. "Stand By Me." Ben E. King's beautiful recording (later covered by John Lennon in an equally plaintive version) is about a man telling his friend that he "won't be afraid" as long as his friend will be there at his side.
  9. "I'll Stand By You." The Pretenders' Chrissy Hynde, in what seems like an answer to "Stand By Me," vows to stand by her friend and/or lover through "the darkest hour," a commitment we'd all like to be able to count on with our friends.
  10. "Graduation (Friends Forever)." The song squarely has a place among soon-to-be high school graduates everywhere, but the message is ageless. We went through a lot together, some of it painful, some of it silly, some of it filled with uncertainty. But at its roots, our friendship is forever.
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