10 Best Bank Robber Movies

The 10 best bank robber movies can make you feel compassion for criminals. Shoot outs, blood shed and heists gone wrong are all things bank robbers encounter. Hollywood sometimes glorifies criminal activity, which makes the viewer feel sympathy for the bad guy. All of the best bank robber movies involve a crew of criminals that somehow start to fall apart.

  1. "Heat" One of the best bank robber movies is about a team of professional criminals that only go after big money targets. The crime drama also follows a team of cops that in pursuit of the criminal crew. The bank robbers decide things are becoming too risky and attempt to pull off one last big job.
  2. "Public Enemies" The true story about John Dillinger's rise and fall in the criminal world is one of the best bank robber movies. Dillinger and his bank robbing gang reach celebrity status with their heists. The criminals always seem to outwit the national police force and ultimately the FBI was created to catch Dillinger.
  3. "Point Break" The 1991 bank robber movie is about a police officer posing as a surfer to infiltrate a group of suspected criminals. The bank robbers are unknown because they wear masks of ex-presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson to hide their identity. The undercover cop gets in too deep with the surfer bank robbers and his loyalties get tested.
  4. "Inside Man" The Spike Lee-directed bank robber movie is about a job gone wrong, which turns into a face off between a cop and criminal. The bank hostage situation leads to political corruption being exposed. Trying to figure out who is good and evil brings suspenseful twists to the bank robber movie.
  5. "RocknRolla" A breathtakingly beautiful accountant orchestrates an easy bank robbery. She enlists the help of petty thieves to hold up men taking her clients' money out of the bank. The inside bank job goes so smooth, she tries her luck again, but the second time around is not as easy.
  6. "The Dark Knight" The Joker executes an entertaining and intriguing bank robbery. A gang of men in clown masks rob a bank that holds a large portion of the mob's money. This is one of the best bank robber movies because the robbery shows greed as the masked men start killing each other for a bigger cut of the money.
  7. "Set It Off" Four females down on their luck decide to start robbing banks to survive. What starts off as small heists turn into bigger jobs. As more money comes in, more tension between the girls builds. This is of the best bank robber movies because the four criminals are all strong willed women portrayed by amazing African-American actresses.
  8. "The Italian Job" One of the best bank robber movies because each criminal's special ability is fascinating to watch. The job is in Italy and the team consists of an inside man, getaway driver, explosives expert, technical expert and safecracker expert. Even with the top specialists in each criminal activity, things do not go smoothly.
  9. "The Town" A group of friends become bank robbers and with each perfect heist their egos grow. Their perfect streak ends and the next bank robbery goes array, which forces them to take a hostage. The female hostage is let go without finding out their identities and without realizing it she later encounters and falls for one of the bank robbers.
  10. "Sugar and Spice" A high school cheerleader winds up pregnant and cut off from her parents. Her group of cheerleading friends come up with a plan to rob a bank to help their pregnant friends financial situation. This is one of the best bank robber movies because the comedy is a departure from the usual drama-filled crime films.
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