10 Best Bar Drinking Games

If you're a fan of the sauce, then you're going to love the 10 best bar drinking games. These games are best played in a room full of people with high alcohol content. Be sure that you can hold your sauce, because these tests of strength will definitely put you in drunken states you never even imagined.

  1. Fuzzy Ducks. This bar drinking game is best played in a booth, or any circumstance where people can sit in a circle. The person who starts says "Fuzzy Duck," then the person to the right of them can either say "Fuzzy Duck" or "Ducky Fuzz." "Fuzzy Duck" implies that the person to the right goes, while "Ducky Fuzz" means that the person to the left goes. Anytime anyone says something other than those two phrases, they take a drink.
  2. Tiger's Coming. This Russian drinking game is best played with vodka and needs to take place at a table. Set everyone up with a shot and have the person in charge look around. When he deems it necessary, say, "Quick! Tiger's coming!" Everyone dives under the table, comes back up, takes their shot, then orders another round. The game continues until people stop coming up from under the table.
  3. Buzz. This bar drinking game is best played with at least five people. Start counting up from one, but every time you encounter a number ending in seven, a multiple of seven, or a double digit like eleven or 22, everyone takes a drink. To keep the game going quickly, make the rule that people can't spend more than four seconds thinking of the next number.
  4. Categories. This game needs a small group of people who can hear each other relatively well. Have one of the people think of a category, say, ice cream flavors. Then, everyone goes around in a circle naming different objects under that subject, such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. When someone can't think of something within five seconds or repeats an answer, everyone takes a drink.
  5. Quarters. One of the de facto drinking games that can be played as long as you have some loose change in your pocket and some fun-loving people around you is quarters. Put a short, empty glass on the table and have everyone sit in two rows around it. If you can bounce the quarter off the table into the glass, you can pick someone to drink. If you miss, then the person to the left gets to have their chance. There are various rules depending on the social circle, so be sure to ask around.
  6. Thumper. This is possibly the loudest, yet most enjoyable, bar drinking game out there. Have a group of people each pick a certain gesture to represent themselves, like the peace sign or the middle finger. Start drumming your hands loudly on the table, then do your symbol followed by someone else's. They do their's and another player's, and whoever messes up has to finish their drink and start the game again.
  7. Animal. This game is a lot like "Categories" but involves more thinking on the player's part. One person says an animal, then the next person has to say another animal whose name starts with the ending letter of the previous one. For instance, "Owl" could be followed by "Lion." Everyone drinks when someone makes a mistake.
  8. Green Glass Door. This one is a bit tricker, so be sure to play with your closest friends. Have people guess what they can bring through the door, but anything they want to bring can only have repeated letters in it, like "beer" or "cigarettes." If what they suggest has no repeated letters or if they repeat something, they take a drink.
  9. I Never. This bar drinking game is a lot like "Truth or Dare." Have people go in a circle and say something they've never done. If someone has done it, take a drink. If they're the only person who drinks, force them to tell the story.
  10. Dare. One of the simplest bar games out there, simply go around daring people to do various acts around the bar. Failure to complete a dare results in having to finish your drink. 
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