10 Best Basketball Plays For 7th & 8th Grade Girls

Want to know the 10 best  basketball plays for 7th & 8th grade girls? Want to get your girls playing better basketball in no time at all? Want to help every girl on your  team become a better player?Well here are the ten plays you need to know.

  1. 3-2 zone. The 3-2 zone will help your seventh and eighth grade girls to defend against outside shots and penetration. In the 3-2, three players defend the outside and two players protect the paint.
  2. Give and Go. The name says it all. The ball handler gives the ball up and “goes” toward the basket. The ball is then handed right back to the player for the easy hoop.         
  3. Back Door Cut. With the back door cut, a player on your girls team simply pretends to be making a move away from the basket then cuts towards the basket for the score. This is a very effective play.
  4. Man to Man. This play is when every player on your girls team digs in and fiercely defends the individual they are assigned.
  5.  Isolation play This play is used to give your best player some freedom. Simply clear out the floor and allow the superstar on your seventh and eighth grade girls team to go one-on-one.
  6. Pick and Roll. This is a very useful play. A player on your seventh and eighth grade girls team sets a pick and then “rolls” toward the basket to catch the defense off-guard for the easy score.
  7. Pick and Pop. This play is the same as the pick and roll, but instead of “rolling” to the basket the player finds the open spot on the court and “pops” the easy jumper.
  8. Half court trap. If your team ladies is full of tenacious defenders, this is the play for them. All they have to do is simply double pressure the ball handler at half court.
  9. 1-3-1 defense. This play almost makes ball penetration impossible. With three players guarding the middle no one will be able to drive on your team of seventh and eighth grade girls.
  10. Four corners offense. If you have a big lead in a game and want to stall, then four corners is the way to go. In this play, the ball handler dribbles out the ball in the middle of the court while the rest of your players stand at the extreme corners of the half court.

Teach these plays to your seventh and eighth grade girls team and you’ll be winning in no time!

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