10 Best Basketball Shoes Ever

Finding the ten best basketball shoes ever isn't that difficult, in part because Air Jordan's appear on the list multiple times. Secondly, the best basketball shoes are pretty much always endorsed by some of the biggest names in pro basketball. What would constitute calling a basketball shoe "the best basketball shoe ever"? Simple. The best basketball shoes ever look good on your feet and they perform at the highest level. Check these basketball shoes out. Here are the ten best basketball shoes ever.

  1. Air Jordan "Notorious". The original Air Jordan shoe. The one that started a shoe dynasty. It's red and white similar to the Chicago Bulls colors. It laces up and over your ankle for great support. And, it just looks awesome. You can play ball in these babies or you can rock them out on the town. Good luck finding them.  
  2. Air Penny's. The formal name for these cool basketball shoes is "Nike Air Foamposite". It's a weird name for an even weirder looking shoe. The entire out layer of the shoe is lined with this bubble like shape. The original Air Penny's were all royal blue and black laces to match the Orlando Magic colors. They've since then been produced in multiple color schemes, but the original is definitely the best. 
  3. The Pippen Air. These shoes were awesome. They were high tops that gave great support and mobility. They either came in all white or all black. The black ones were the coolest. They had "Air" written on the sides in a white outline. Super Sweet! 
  4. The Air Jordan "Strap In". They were known in the hood as the "Bugs Bunny" Jordan's because of the commercials featuring the cartoon rabbit rocking them. Like all Jordan's they support your feet very well. They're also super light. You don't feel as if you're even wearing shoes when you play in them. Everyone loved them for the straps that wrapped around the bridge of the shoe. The number 23 was stitched into the top of the straps. 
  5. The Answers. Or were they called the "Questions?" They are Allen Iverson's brand name shoe. The designs aren't very intricate. The shoe isn't all that expensive either. But, the white versions looks good on the court or the street. Oh and they are light as a feather. Great for playing in. 
  6. Air Force Ones. These Nike brand joints were the blue collar workers of the shoe world. These used to be the shoes you bought when you didn't have much money to spend. Thanks to Nelly and his "Air Force One's" song, the price has skyrocketed along with the fame of the shoe.  
  7. Olympic Jordan's. These hard court monsters were released when the original NBA "Dream Team" competed in the Olympics. They sported the USA Olympic colors. Just like other Jordan's, they combined perfect comfort and support with style. They even had Jordan's Olympic number, number nine,on the back .
  8. Patrick Ewing's. These things were built like little tanks. They could take a beating and keep on trucking. They provided the best support in basketball shoes during the mid 1980's when they were released. they looked pretty cool too. Hipster's would definitely wear them today.
  9. Original Converse. The ballers in the 1970's and early 1980's made these things popular. These are some of the best basketball shoes ever made because they started what would be a sneaker explosion that still hasn't died down.
  10. Air Jordan X. Less is more here. Over the years, Jordan's have gotten more and more over the top. These particular shoes, however, keep it relatively simple. They still look great, but functionality and form are more important than flash.
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