10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

To be able to suggest 10 best basketball shoes for flat feet, it is necessary that we understand the term flat feet. Flat feet,  also known as over pronated feet, is a condition in which either the arches fall or fail to develop with growth. When the foot comes in contact with the ground, it has to be flexible so it conforms to the shape of the ground. This flexibility is called pronation. Next,  the foot pushes off, requiring an increase in the arch height, called supination. If the foot does not have enough curve in the arch, the resulting flat feet can cause painful medical conditions. These include hip pain, knee pain, arthritis, tendonitis, hammertoes and bunions. These all result from the tension in the muscles and the pressure exerted on the joints due to insufficient supination–in other words, by flat feet.

There are three important points to consider when choosing the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

  • The heel should be raised a bit, so as to gain support while supinating.
  • Shoes providing extra stability to the gait are preferred.
  • The inside of the shoes should provide proper shape to retain the arch and support flat feet.

Footwear providing stability, support and motion control will make the best basketball shoes for flat feet. Many motion control shoes are designed with high arches to maintain the foot posture, so–while they prove to be less comfortable on longer treks–they are the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

  1. Nike Structure Triax +12 Best of its kind, and specifically made light but with greater support.
  2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 One of the best stability providing shoes on the market.
  3. Reebok Trinity KFS III  Most favored by people with over pronated feet, because of the wide fit and sturdiness.
  4. Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 This shoe  excels in fusing balance and light weight.
  5. Saucony Progrid Stabil CS A very snug sneaker, created to provide comfort to the extreme.
  6. Saucony Grid Hammer Due to maximum impact with the ground, flat feet tend to grow broader. This shoe is recommended for people having this problem for a long time, because it provides a wider and more stable base. One of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.
  7. Nike Free 5.0 These are specifically designed for flat feet.
  8. Brooks Beast 10 Best choice for over-pronated feet because of its better cushioning and returned energy technique. This mechanism gives an easy boost to feet during push off.
  9. Asics Evolution 4 This is one of a kind with the dual density gel cushioning system. The Evolution provides stability and greater shock absorption to protect the foot from muscle damage due to less supination.
  10. Brooks Addiction  A perfect blend of cushioning, support and motion control makes it another one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

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