10 Best Basketball Songs To Run Out To

Get pumped up with these 10 best basketball songs to run out to. The thing about a good basketball song is that it isn't genre specific. You can find great basketball songs in Hip Hop, all the way to head banging alternative tracks. So what makes a great basketball song to run out to? Easy. A great basketball song simply has to charge up your team, to fill the players with an immense competitive energy. Here are the best basketball songs to run out to.

  1. "Hit Em High".  This is the only song worth listening to on the "Space Jam" album. Some of Hip Hop's hardest emcees tear about a gritty track. The lyrics are basketball related and perfect for getting a team amped.
  2. "Speedballin'". The most eclectic duo in Hip Hop created this great basketball song. Outkast raps over the electro-infused Hip Hop beat so fast that the listener's heart will literally begin to race just from hearing the song. It's like musical "speed".
  3. "Into The Night". This guitar heavy head banger is guaranteed to lift your basketball team to another level. The lyrics are just as hard as the guitar. The dark group "Disturbed" created this adrenaline submersed jam.
  4. "Holla If You Hear Me". This 2Pac joint has a heavy "funk" feel with the grittiest beat that Hip Hop  has to offer. The lyrics invoke enough charged up emotion on their own. Adding the words to the beats makes not only a classic Hip Hop killer, but one of the best bassketball songs to run out to as well.
  5. "Teen Spirit".  You all know this song. No matter where you come from, what kind of music you like, each and every one of you know who "Nirvana" is. This particular song is probably their best, most notable work and a basketball jam all the same. The guitar play is pure adrenaline.
  6. "The Ace of Spades". "Motorhead" isn't the biggest group out there. But this song is pretty huge. It's been used for action packed movies. It'll work wonders on your basketball team and the fans as well. The fast guitar play alone will get the team's collective blood flowing.
  7. "Speedin". There are about 175 versions and remixes of Rick Ross' Hip Hop track. OK, maybe not that many. But, the important thing about this song is the 120 mile per hour beat. You could actually get away with just using the instrumental version of the song.
  8. "Thug Love". Do you want to inspire your basketball team, while instilling fear in your opponents? Of course you do. Well look no further. This song incorporates gun shots into the very beat. Oh and 2Pac and Bizzie Bone's verses aren't to shabby either. Though you may want an edited version if kids are going to be present.
  9. "Hot Music". This track is a little different from the others chosen. It has no words. It's more of a house music track than anything else. The drum beat will get your team going. The group "SoHo" created it. Or you can find the "Kaos" version. It comes complete with some fast paced lyrics.
  10. "Smack My B*#%h Up". This song is straight musical energy. It's been used in a bunch of movie car chase scenes. The group "Prodigy" really came hard with this track. This song is so fast paced that you run the risk of being worn out after you run out to this basketball song. 
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