10 Best Basketball Strength Shoes

Basketball strength shoes are made to help strengthen the legs, ankles, feet, and increase the height of a jump, and here is a list of the 10 best basketball strength shoes. Some of the basketballs strength shoes have special exercises and drills that will help increase the strength even more. Be sure your basketball strength shoe fits and is comfortable.

  1. Strength Shoes. The Strength Shoe is a whole new concept in leg development and training.  It does not allow the heel to get shocked, adds strength to the forefoot, gives the ankle flexibility, and isolates the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, as well as the Achilles’ tendon. Doing all your drills with the Strength Shoe will help increase your agility, as well as your speed and quickness when playing basketball. These shoes may also add five to nine inches to your vertical jump!
  2. ATI Jump Training Shoes. The plyometric construction of these strength shoes not only builds mass and definition, they increase the number of fast twitch muscle fibers. They also target and train the calf muscle by eliminating the heel and putting the body load on the calf muscle. They also improve the lower leg flexibility and strength. As a result, the vertical jump is increased by five to ten inches, the body is more coordinated, more reactive strength occurs, and a greater range of motion is achieved. The 52-week training for these shoes can decrease the risk of injury as well.
  3. The Katapult Training Shoes. These strength shoes use the same ATI training methods and achieve the same results as the ATI Jump Training Shoes, but this shoe fits better and is made with new composites. The scientific methodology results in the tools to prepare for competition and give the edge over other competitors.
  4. Jumpsoles. These plyometric platforms attach to your basketball shoes. They put your body weight onto your calves and teach you to jump off the balls of your feet. They increase your vertical jump from five to ten inches. In addition, they strengthen your ankles for quickness, strengthen your toes for a better lift off, strengthen your calves and shins, and improve your coordination and balance. The proprioceptors upgrade, which attaches to the bottom of the Jumpsoles, strengthens your arches and Achilles, helps prevent injury, and gives you extra cushioning.
  5. Reebok JumpTone Flight. These basketball strength shoes use the JumpTone muscle activation technology located in the midsole and outsole. It strengthens the legs and calves to help you jump in the air. In addition it has a soft leather upper, a TPU midfoot strap for support, and a sockliner which offers cushioning, durability, and comfort.
  6. Adidas T-Mac 6. These strength shoes are not only stylish, but they have the T-Mac 6 Tortion System and EVA insoles to give integrity to the midfoot and good anatomical support to help you last the entire game. They also have a five-pod Ground Control System which gives you ground adaptability and great motion control.
  7. Reebok Zig Slash. These strength shoes reduce stress on your shins and the outsole propels you forward. The Zig Tech cuts down on muscle activation. The TPU Peebax Stability plate provides rigidity and stability. The upper materials provide comfort and the laser cutouts make the shoe lighter and allow it to breathe.
  8. Converse Mid Sicks. These strength shoes are equipped with special cushioning technology. Y-bars add ankle support. The EVA midsole and Heel-Kick provide transition from heel to toe that is smooth. They have leather uppers and an outsole tread design to help make traction on the court better.
  9. Nike Zoom Low Kobe 5. These strength shoes are Kobe’s smallest, most durable, and lightest shoes. They help strengthen legs with their carved heel counter. They also provide cushioning in the heel, stability and a Zoom Air forefoot.
  10. KBA Bob Training Aid. This training aid works with any basketball shoes. It is designed to stretch the Tibialis, Gastrocnemius, and Achilles muscles. It strengthens the ankles, and helps keep your toes straight. It works on full range of motion with Isokinetic Exercise and increases your vertical jump. The calf muscle works without putting stress on the knees.  
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