10 Best Bass Amps

With so many options to choose from, how can a bass player know which amp is the right one to buy?  The top ten most popular bass amps are listed here. Of course it varies by player because of music style and other factors.

  1. Fender Bassman 250. Fender has been a well-known supplier of amps for years and that's why they are on the top ten bass amp list. This amp offers 250 watts of output.
  2. Fender Frontman 25B. This amp offers a great sound with a 10-inch speaker. It has inputs for both passive and active basses and RCA jacks to connect a cd player to it.
  3. Fender Rumble 350. This amp has a great equalizer on it and powers up to 350 watts. It offers effects, a foot pedal, and so much more.
  4. Ampeg BA115. This amp fits into the top ten bass amp because the 100 watts of power it offers is unbelievable and it has a 15-inch speaker. The reviews for this amp are amazing and it's well worth looking into. 
  5. Marshall MB150. This is a hybrid amplifier with a 15-inch speaker and 150 watts of power. It offers great tone and versatility compared to many amps.
  6. Roland Cube 100. With great effects and a 12-inch speaker, this amp offers great sound and works very well gigging out.
  7. Carvin B1500 Head. This amp is in the top ten list because the sound is unbeatable. It is easy to use, has a great effect loop, and produces sounds loud enough for a small to medium venue without putting a microphone by it.
  8. Eden 2×12. This amp is engineered for the highest quality available. It definitely fits into the top ten amps. It contains two 12-inch speakers and great tone.
  9. Gallien-Krueger MB 115. The 115 delivers a big sound from a somewhat light package. It has a 15-inch speaker.
  10. Crate BT50. This amp has a 12-inch speaker and produces an amazing sound. It works great with almost any kind of music. 
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