10 Best Bass Rap Songs 2009

The 10 best bass rap songs 2009 are all about blowing your socks off. Depending on the sound system playing them, they can make you shake. It's important to remember that these rap songs were made to be played on a powerful system. Check them out.

  1. Pharrell and Lil' Wayne – "Yes". This track hits you like a freight train. And just like a train, the bass keeps going and going. Pharrell and Lil' Wayne joined forces in 2009 to deliver a beat that reminded everyone how important bass can become as an element in hip hop.
  2. E-40 – "Break Ya Ankles". E-40's rapping style is as powerful as a whisper. However, the bass in "Break Ya Ankles" screams from the background. This track is slow building and perfectly compliments the low and heavy bass.
  3. Yelawolf – "Lick the Cat". Yelawolf's sound is fast and light. The bass in each rap is kept high and fast. "Lick the Cat" is ideal for clubs not necessarily for cars.
  4. Young Money – "Gooder".  This track has a melody that strategic bass could only complement. Young Money makes a successful rap song because of the bass. This song has an eerie feel to it and the bass is great for riding.
  5. DJ Monsta – "Bass Drop". If the title of this rap song wasn't enough, it's lyrics are self-explanatory. Using the low keys of a piano, it makes the sound of the bass "drop". Innovative and surprisingly artistic, DJ Monsta gives bass unlike anyone else.
  6. Lil Jon – "Hey". Extending the olive branch to the group "3OH3!", Lil' Jon's track "Hey" has melodic bass. It gets low during his raps, then fast during the melodies. This song came out in 2009 and refreshed the bass scene in hip hop.
  7. Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross – "Money in Bagz". Classic bass is heard throughout this track. Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross got together and hit speakers hard. This rap song is one of the best of 2009 because of its ability to go hard and low continuously.
  8. Young Money – "She Is Gone". This rap has a lot of anger. The base hits hard like a slap in the face. Sampling from older tracks, Young Money makes a point to juxtapose old and new.
  9. Flo Rida – "Roots". This rap song is upbeat and uplifting. Rapping about the "roots" in Flo Rida's life, the bass acts as the foundation for the ringing bells and the pop-synth sounds. This song is made for riding in the car. Remixes would be best for the club.
  10. Kanye West – "Heartless". Kanye's first attempt at singing with auto-tune is matched up with sick bass. Without a good subwoofer, no one would know about the bass. Radio play is subtle, but once in a good system, "Heartless" finds its home.
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