10 Best Bass Songs 2008

The 10 best bass songs of 2008 have a varied list of artists, genres, and musicians. These songs feature some of the finest artists that have “plucked a string” in their time. While being a bassist might not be the most glorified position in the band, these bassists do one hell of a job with their music! Without further delay, let’s take a look at the best bass songs of 2008. You may not be familiar with all of these songs, so this may be a good place to find some new artists!

  1. Versailles-"The Love From a Dead Orchestra”- This song features tantalizing bass solos from the recently departed Jasmine-You in an eight-minute eargasm! With their debut album, Versailles quickly became one of the most popular bands in the rock scene. This song features various bass solos interlaced with epic piano solos.
  2. Rentrer en Soi-"Stigmata” This song was the next-to-last single released by ReS; one of their finest songs released in their nine year existence. Ryo’s bass drives this song along with the riffs of Takumi and Shun. This emotional song features some great bass riffs along with heart-gripping vocals.
  3. Metallica-"Cyanide” "Cyanide", off of the recent "Death Magnetic" album, features some of Trujillo’s best riffs with guitar. The opening bass riffs set the rhythm for this awesome song. Trujillo does an excellent job throughout the song; which focuses on his opening bass riffs.
  4. Oomph!-"Labyrinth”– " Labyrinth" is probably Oomph’s! most famous song, earning the band new fans every day. Flux does an excellent job with keeping rhythm with his riffs combined with his skills at programming and guitar. Flux’s riffs match perfectly with Dero’s vocals, giving this song plenty of power.
  5. Dir en Grey-"Ware, Yami Tote…” This song, which means “I am darkness" in Japanese, features classic Toshiya bass riffs interlaced with acoustic guitars. This song is reminiscent of another early classic by Dir en Grey: Mushi (bug.) 
  6. Deluhi-"Living Dead” Living Dead features Aggy’s tantalizing bass riffs interlaced into this hauntingly sexual song about love and death. Aggy does an excellent job matching Sujk’s dramatic drumming in this heavy metal classic.
  7. 9Goats Black Out-"Float” "Float", the final song off their first release, devils in bedside, features Hati’s solid bass lines with Ryo’s orgasmic vocals. While this band is relatively new, they’re full of experienced artists with all kinds of talent.
  8. UnsraW-"Eve” "Eve", the last song with the original line-up, featuring Jin’s explosive bass lines with this slow-paced, heavy metal song. Combined with Yuuki’s vocals, Jin’s bass riffs give this a force that few artists can match!
  9. Sadie-"Ice Romancer” While Aki’s bass lines aren’t prevalent in the catchy opening riffs of this song, we see his dominance in his technique throughout the song with his bass riffs and bass slaps in live renditions of the song. Aki’s lines match perfectly with Mao’s vocals, making this one of the catchiest songs of 2008.
  10. Nega-"Reminiscence We end our list on a ballad; the original version released in 2008 surpassing ten minutes long. Not only does Yuu play bass in the band, but he also plays the piano throughout their work, especially in this gut-wrenching ballad. Yuu’s riffs are hauntingly sad and emotional, giving this song something special that separates it from the rest.
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