10 Best Bass Songs For Cars

If you are trying to make a loud impression next time you drive through the warm weather in your vehicle, you will need the 10 best bass songs for cars. Many flamboyant drivers like to bring the sonic thumping of the nightclub experience to their automobile, but this requires a high-tech audio system for your car, and music that can handle it. If you need the bass to boom – find these 10 best bass songs for cars.

  1. Sir Mix-A-Lot – "Baby Got Back" This old school salute to the female "back side" has plenty of bass for your car speakers to pulsate with.  The lady in your passenger seat will feel it too, even if she's "got back" as well.
  2. Coldplay – "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" Bass is no stranger in this spooky rock concoction. Coldplay keeps churning out the sonic hypnotism with this one, so get it inside your car.
  3. Dr. Dre – "Nuthin' But A G Thang" This song makes you want to hop in your car for no reason and roll along with this well-known bass-line bumping loud. With a producer like Dr. Dre involved, bass is the least of your worries.
  4. Lil Wayne – "A Millie" The 808 drum machine bass blasts that blow holes through this beat force your head to nod with or without your permission. Lil Wayne rocks out, and so can you in your car with the bass running wild.
  5. The Chemical Brothers – "Bass Test". This up-tempo cosmic sound storm has bass that thumps like a heart that is about to explode right out of your chest. If you need a bass test for your car, look no further than The Chemical Brothers.
  6. Phil Collins – "In the Air Tonight" Let Phil fill your car system with blistering bass sounds that you can feel in the air, tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you let this one play. As soothing as the voice of Phil Collins may be, this beat will wake you right up out of any sleepy state you wander into.
  7. Beastie Boys – "Intergalatic" The beauty of the Beasties is that you can never predict what they will sound like next, but bet on the fact that this track has incredible bass built to blast out of car windows. Whether intergalactic or earth-bound, this parade of bass will bang.
  8. The Cool Kids – "Black Mags" Almost any song from The Cool Kids has more bass than your greedy car speakers could ever beg for. These bold bass notes that sound like they were lifted from an old school Arcade game add excitement and heart-pounding thumps to this automotive accessory.
  9. A Tribe Called Quest – "Vibes and Stuff" This jazzy rap song strikes your soul with a colorful bouquet of instruments that brighten your ear canal with bass. Speaking of bass, the title of the album that this song comes from, "The Low End Theory," points toward the "low end" of sound that bass resides in.
  10. Pink Floyd – "Money" This psychedelic revolt against greed brings a brutal bass line that whips the beat like your angry father's belt across your butt.  If your car system needs a true test for the money spent on it, try "Money."


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