10 Best Bass Songs For Subwoofers

If you want to test out your new car subwoofers, or is you are just looking for something to make your home stereo subwoofers bounce around, then you need to have the list of the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers available. Music from all genres qualifies as a subwoofer song if it has the right bass to it. If you give other kinds of music a try to check out the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers, you may even find something new that you like.

  1. Pink Floyd "Money" The "Dark Side of the Moon" album by Pink Floyd has been used as a stereo tester for years, but the song "Money" definitely belongs on the list of the top 10 best bass songs for subwoofers. The wandering but deep bass line makes this song jump through the speakers.
  2. Three 6 Mafia "P.I.M.P." It takes a second for this classic rap tune from Three 6 Mafia to get rolling, but once it does the bass thumps like no other. Definitely worth a spot on the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers.
  3. Big Tymers "Still Fly" The driving beat and the alternating high and low bass drum on this track make it a must for anyone looking for the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers.
  4. Iron Maiden "The Trooper" As soon as bassist Steve Harris kicks in on the intro of "The Trooper", he sends your subwoofers off the floor. This is a driving bass line that will keep your car hopping and your neighbors angry.
  5. Metallica "Four Horsemen" Metallica is not known for any prominent bass work in their career, but "Four Horsemen" makes the count as one of 10 best bass songs for subwoofer based solely on its galloping bass line that interplays between bassist Cliff Burton and drummer Lars Ulrich. If you love bass, then turn the mids and highs off and just let this song pound you in the head.
  6. Eminem "Without Me" It isn't the depth of the bass that puts this song on the list of the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers, it is the swirling way that the bass plays around the music as the song is playing. Turn the bass all the way up on this song and see how much the bass whirls around the room.
  7. 50 Cent "Baby By Me" This one starts off with a strong bass sound to it, and just keeps going until the end. This is one that will get your stereo hopping right from the very beginning.
  8. Public Enemy "Give it Up" This classic rap tune has bass working on two different levels. The bass running through the song drives it and then the pounding bass drum makes this a definite member of the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers list.
  9. Eminem "My Name Is" If you want bass then this is your song. The dragging bass line coupled with the driving bass drum puts a double-shot of bass in this song.
  10. Primus "My Name is Mudd" Just about every song by the band Primus qualifies for the list of the 10 best bass songs for subwoofers, but this one has a particularly strong and driving bass line that goes throughout the entire song. The dragging tempo and thick bass drum add to the overall bass feel of this song.
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