10 Best Battle Rap Lyrics

The 10 best battle rap lyrics are from some of the best beef-elevating hip-hop songs of all time. These examples of the 10 best battle rap lyrics turn words into bullets, and in some cases the battle spilled over not only to the radio and mixtapes but to the street. Here they are, the hardest of the hard, the 10 best battle rap lyrics of all time.

  1. "Yeah I sampled your voice, you was usin' it wrong/You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." This line, from Jay-Z's "Takeover" on the "Blueprint" album, attacks Nas, who had previously taken him to task for sampling his voice. This song, and this line in particular, amplified one of the best rap battles ever, and definitely the hottest lyrically. It kicks off our list of the 10 best battle rap lyrics in clever style.
  2. "Y'all ni*gas deal with emotions like bitches/What's sad is I love you 'cause you're my brother and you traded your soul for riches." Nas' "Ether," his response to "Takeover," is next up in the 10 best battle rap lyrics, calling Jigga out on how much he's sold out. The song is full of barbs at Jay-Z, but this is the one that hits hardest.
  3. "That's why I f*cked your bitch." It's not clever, but it is the battle rap lyric that sparked a war between coasts, 2Pac claiming to have slept with the Notorious BIG's wife. "Hit 'Em Up," the song containing this cruel line, is full of plenty of attacks on Biggie, Puffy, and the rest of the Bad Boy crew, and is allegedly the reason that 2Pac was later killed.
  4. "If you was really sellin' coke what you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack you'd have a lot more money." No list of the best battle rap lyrics would be complete without Eminem, and this gem of a line from "Nail in the Coffin," a diss track aimed at Benzino and "The Source Magazine". It is one of the greatest lyrical takedowns ever.
  5. "Who bangin'? You ain't bangin' shit but the table." Common Sense, the rapper now known as Common, used to spew out the best battle rap lyrics with regularity. This diss comes correctly at Ice Cube, who had called out the East Coast.
  6. "Bring daddy his Oscar. He's gonna shove it up Ja Rule's ass." Eminem makes another appearance on the list of best battle rap lyrics with his attack on Ja Rule from a mixtape freestyle. In one line he sums up that he is important and Ja Rule is not.
  7. "I'm a flamethrower, you a Bic lighter." KRS-One launched this example of the best battle rap lyrics at Nelly, who'd dissed him earlier on by calling him "the only rapper with a pension." It's not a specific insult, but a dope lyric nonetheless.
  8. "Musta thought I was sleazy/Or thought I was a mark cause I used to hang with Eazy." Dr. Dre, on "Dre Day," from his classic Chronic album, disses both Luke from 2 Live Crew and Eazy-E. The feuds did not continue for too long, but at the time, violence was in the air due to these battle rap lyrics.
  9. "Rubber band man, you just snapped back." Eminem comes in again with the best battle rap lyrics on his underrated song "Mosh," in which he quickly calls out T.I. Though it's not one of his more angry efforts, the lyrical zing still hurts.
  10. "I rock hos, you rock fellas." Nas' "Ether" provides yet another gem, taking a shot at the name of Jay-Z's label to close out our list of the best battle rap lyrics. A clever little jab, it's a wink and a nudge amidst all the angry fire that takes the cake.
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