10 Best BBC Documentaries

Reputed to be the world’s best in documentary films, here are the 10 best BBC documentaries. See planet earth as you’ve never seen before. At one minute you’re an eagle soaring high up in the sky, the next minute you’re a tiny creature swimming in a drop of water. See how wars are waged and fought. See the brave men and women who have given their lives to make our world a better place. They’re all here for you to experience and explore.

  1. "Planet Earth". The "Planet Earth" documentary focuses on the planet’s different types of natural habitats. It deals with ecology and wild animals whose existence is vital to the delicate biological balance. This documentary film is hosted by Sir David Attenborough who provided the narration as the camera sweeps across the globe and zooms in on more than 200 locations resulting in one of the best footages of BBC.
  2. "A History of Britain". Who is Edward Longshanks? Was he really as fearsome as his reputation? Know all these and more as “A History of Britain” unfolds the drama and color of British history, so vividly presented as if you were actually there. This BBC documentary series is broken into 15 episodes each run at 59 minutes. 
  3. "The Nazis—A Warning from History". Did you know that Hitler was an extremely lazy person who rarely got out of bed before noon? He was also the kind of leader who simply allowed affairs of the state to just unravel by themselves. This is indeed a compelling footage of the Third Reich: from its inception to its demise. This BBC documentary was written, produced, and directed by Laurence Rees.
  4. "Walking with Dinosaurs". As you watch the setting sun you are distracted by a pterosaur, swooping down as it makes a meal out of a moth. You hear a loud cracking noise and you shift your gaze to the right—two bull triceratops fight for mating rights over a female. “Is this a dream?” you ask. No it isn’t; it’s just leading edge animatronics at its best. Broadcast by BBC in 1999 “Walking with Dinosaurs” gives its viewers an up close picture of these prehistoric creatures.
  5. "Civilization". Let Lord Clark take you on a journey back to the time when Western European culture began to emerge. Allow this eminent art historian guide you through the critical stages of European civilization.
  6. "The Ascent of Man". This tells a story of man, about his quest for self-identity as he relates himself to others and the community around him. And now the saga begins as we go back in time to study the origin of human civilization. “The Ascent of Man” is considered one of BBC top rated documentary series. 
  7. "Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire". Explore ancient Rome through realistic action and drama. Learn about the six vital turning points that made Rome the grandeur that it was. Learn about how greed turned Rome into a great empire, and how greed brought it to its knees.
  8. "Tribe". This documentary gives us a glimpse of various tribe around the world and how modernization and progress have affected their lives. Their story is the flip side of our own. We, the so called civilized people, devour everything in our path. Perhaps these tribes were right all along and we’re the ones on the wrong track.
  9. "Life of Mammals". This is a success story about the winning design that makes mammals highly resilient and adaptable. From the hottest and driest deserts to the coldest parts of the earth you’ll find healthy mammalian specimens that are happily adapted to seemingly harsh conditions.
  10. "Life on Earth". This is one of the best known classic BBC documentaries. Three years in the making, this work has inspired so many people who have now taken an active interest in the preservation of nature.
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