10 Best Bboy Songs Of The 90’s

Ready to bust a move to the ten best Bboy songs of the 90's? The 1990s was a decade of fun and electric music. Bboys could break dance to a wide variety of music. Songs from all genres offered musical beats that were perfect for breakdancing.

  1. Onyx “Slam” This heavy hitting hip hop song offers a beat that is perfect for breakdancing. Slam was released in 1993 and it was an instant hit. This hip hop hit is a great choice for the ten best Bboy songs of the 90’s
  2. Lou Bega “Mambo No 5” This catchy song had everyone dancing. When used as a bboy song, this 90’s hit featured tempos that allowed for flips, slides, and spins. This song was released in 1999.
  3. Alpha Team “Speed Racer”.  This quick tempo techno song offers the perfect sound for breakdancing. This song is the remix to the popular theme song for the 1960s cartoon “Speed Racer”, and was released in 1991.
  4. MC Hammer “You Can’t Touch This” This extremely popular song featured rhythms designed for a serious dance session. This hit was released in 1990 and has solidified itself as a Bboy dance classic. No list is complete without this choice for the ten best Bboy songs of the 90’s.
  5. Sonz of a Loop de Loop Era “Far Out” .This peppy upbeat techno song is a great choice when searching for the best Bboy songs. This song was released in 1992 and quickly became a favorite. This song offers a speedy beat and musical ups and downs for the greatest use as a breakdancing song.
  6. Deee-Lite “Groove Is In The Heart” This catchy song is a great choice for the ten best Bboy songs of the 90’s. Performed by the eclectic Deee-Lite, the futuristic tunes offered the best breakdancing setup. Expect high acrobatics and cool moves with this trendy song.
  7. Snap “Rhythm Is A Dancer” One of the best songs for performing backspins and flips, this song brings the adrenaline rush. This cool bboy song was released in 1992.  Get ready to impress with this song.
  8. Scatman John “Scatman” From the first note, this excellent breakdance song is running at full speed, with a varying tempo that's a great backdrop to an array of tricks. This song was released in 1995.
  9. Michael Jackson “Jam” This song was released in 1991. It was originally intended to be used for the soundtrack of the movie “Space Jam”. The upbeat rhythm is perfect to bust a move to.
  10. Ace of Base “Beautiful Life” This hard-hitting song offers plenty of opportunity to display tricks and moves. This song was released in 1995. Major displays of skill can be shown in this choice for the best bboy songs of the 90’s.               
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