10 Best Beach Destinations In The World

Figuring out the 10 best beach destinations in the world is difficult, as there are so many beautiful places to visit all over the globe. Here is a list of the most beautiful beaches, which feature a little something for everyone:

  1. Gold Rock Beach would not be a party lovers top favorite beach, but it by far is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches you would ever lay your eyes on. Gold Rock Beach is like a picture perfect postcard. The sands here are pure white powder, and the waters dance in different colors of turquoise, emerald, and sky blue. It's a Caribbean dream, and it is no wonder that Pirates of the Caribbean filmed at this location. The beach here is like a magical wonderland, and it is why it is a top choice for one of the most beautiful beaches.
  2. Barbary Beach is also located on Grand Bahama Island. This beach is a photographers dream. It features the same unspoiled rarely visited shoreline that Gold Rock Beach has, however from Barbary Beach you can see Petersons Cay, which is located a bit off shore from Barbary Beach. The sights are spectacular. To get there you have to take a cab, which will drive you through winding tropical trails and dirt paths. You stop in an isolated forest and walk a small distance right to Barbary Beach.
  3. Tulum. Tulum is located in Mexico. It is a hot stop for those looking to view the historical ruins left behind by the Mayans. Besides an excellent photo spot of the ruins, just below them you have a spotless beach. There are many tours that stop in Tulum, but it's best to take a cab so you can stay longer and take in all of the sights Tulum has to offer.
  4. Fortuna Beach. This beach is located on Grand Bahama Island as well. The reason it made the list is because the waters here feature some really excellent off shore snorkeling. The reefs here are alive, healthy and flooded with marine life. Dolphins swim by regularly as well.
  5. Dzul-Ha. On to DzulHa in Cozumel, which is known to have some of the best pristine, crystal clear waters in the world. This spot is a snorkels paradise, and a divers dream. However, some of you are probably wondering which beach to check out while in Cozumel. Dzul-Ha is one of the best off shore snorkeling and dive spots on the island. If spotting marine life is your thing, than do not pass up Dzul-Ha. Located nearby is 'The Money Bar', where you can cool off with a tropical drink, or something to eat.
  6. Boston Bay Beach. The next top must see beach goes to Boston Bay Beach, Port Antonio, in Jamaica. This beach features some gnarly waves and is a perfect beach for those who enjoy surfing. You can rent surf equipment here as well. It's not recommended for those who are weak swimmers though, as the rip tides can be pretty strong.
  7. Cahuita Beach. What makes this Costa Rican beach so splendid is that it mixes the beach with the tropical outback. There is a ton of foliage here, and many land and sea species. It's a great spot for those who love the beach, and nature. It's a little bit of both worlds, land and sea,
  8. Marita Beach. Matira Beach is located on Bora Bora. This stunning beach features some of the most pristine waters, and costal views you could ever imagine. This is the best beach to catch up on some romance, or a hot spot for a honeymoon.
  9. Sandy Cay. The next best beach goes to Sandy Cay, located in the Bahamas. Sandy Cay was actually the island that you see at the start up intro song to Gilligan's Island. Yes, it's a famous little island, but is untouched, pristine, and has some fabulous snorkeling.
  10. Lanikai Beach. Last, and surely not least is Lanikai Beach, Oahu in Hawaii. This stunning beach is considered one of the best spots to take a dip. It features clear waters, a mile stretch of unspoiled white sand beach, and a reef just off shore.
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