10 Best Beaches For Snorkeling In Mexico

If you are looking to plan a trip to Mexico and are among the adventurous, it is imperative that you look into the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico before booking the vacation. There are so many unbelievable areas in Mexico to hone your snorkeling skills and capture beautiful pictures of underwater marine life. Educate yourself on the best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico and your next vacation will reach new heights of awe and entertainment.

  1. Playa San Francisco. Because it is located by the second largest barrier reef in the world, this is a major draw for snorkeling enthusiasts. This is a beach that is at top of the list of the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico. Playa San Francisco: Cozumel, Mexico.
  2. Los Arcos Marine Reserve. This spot is known for the amazing formations of rocks that is home to amazing marine life like angel fish and lobsters. You also may catch sight of a puffer fish or sting ray. Puerto Vallarta: Jalisco, Mexico.
  3. Puerto Angel. Visit this snorkel location if you are a beginner as the water is calm and there aren't any reefs. The marine life is beautiful and you will be ready for a more difficult spot to snorkel in no time. This beautiful location is one of the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico. Puerto Angel: Oaxaca, Mexico.
  4. Huatulco. This area has quite a few spots for snorkeling including professionals willing to give snorkel tours. This is a great way to be sure that you see everything you wish to see because these professionals know what they are doing. If you are looking for the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico, be sure that you visit the bays at Huatulco. Huatulco: Oaxaca, Mexico.
  5. Playa Chen Rio. It isn't surprising that Cozumel is home to quite a few of the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico. This beach is very private and the waters are calm because of its rock barrier making it another ideal place for beginners. Playa Chen Rio: Cozumel, Mexico.
  6. Xel-Ha. Enjoy 22 acres of snorkeling excitement at this unbelievable snorkeling lagoon. Xel-Ha: Quintanaroo, Mexico.
  7. Xcaret. Check out the most colorful marine life and then swim with a dolphin. Xcaret: Cancun, Mexico.
  8. Banderas Bay. Calm water and plentiful reefs make Banderas Bay a great spot to snorkel or dive if you are on the hunt for the ten best beaches for snorkeling in Mexico. You even have the option to get your diving certification during your visit. Banderas Bay: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  9. Marietas Islands. Hop on a boat to Marietas Islands for the experience of a lifetime. Located in the middle of Banderas Bay, it is perfect for those that snorkel or dive and have a fascination over dolphins. Swim with these frolicking mammals and make memories that will last forever. Marietas Islands: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  10. Sea of Cortez. This Mexican sea is accessible by way of Baja, California and the snorkeling is still some of the best in Mexico. Take a look at the schools of pompano, multiple types of rays, whale sharks and even sea lions. A beautiful snorkeling option for those looking for variety in marine life. Sea of Cortez: Baja, California.
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