10 Best Beenie Man Songs

He's known as the "King of the Dancehall", so finding just 10 of the best Beenie Man songs is not the easiest of feats. With a career in music since 1981, picking the ten best Beenie Man songs was a journey through some of the most impressive Reggae and Dancehall cuts to ever touch an eardrum. He is a master at getting you on the dance floor with his marriage of infectious Caribbean rhythms, and fiery lyrics mixed with musical influences from many different genres.

  1. "Dude" is easily one of the best Beenie Man songs to hit the airwaves in the last decade. Released in 2004 on his "Back To Basics" album. This song is just that, about the basics. The beat is simplistic, but when the music is draped over the snare, it makes you want to move. It features Ms. Thing whose sexy feminine voice provides a nice contrast to Beenie Man's rough tones.
  2. In 2002, Beenie Man collaborated with none other than Ms. Janet Jackson on the hit "Feel It Boy". In typical Beenie Man fashion, deep dancehall influences are heard throughout this track. Janet Jackson brings her own style of pop and R&B. The combination of the two musical genres not only birth an international jam, but one of Beenie Man's best works.
  3. "Hmmm Hmmm" is one of the best tracks on Beenie Man's 2006 release, "Undisputed" and one of his best songs. It features one of the harder Dancehall beats that he's created. In a club, you can feel it pounding in your chest almost forcing you to move along with it. You definitely need to hear this one.
  4. "Girls Dem Suga", is yet another in a long line of hits created by the King of The Dancehall. This jam was released on his "Art and Life" album. One of his smoother tracks, the musical scheme is rather simple, and laid over a rather calm, slower Dancehall beat. What makes this one of Beenie Man's best tracks? The beautiful Mya is the featured artist for this piece. Her soft, sensual voice provides a nice compliment to the smooth rhythm.
  5. "Girls",  featuring Akon, was released in 2008. This cool, club ready track, is hot. The blend of a Hip Hop like beat and Caribbean music will really get the ladies moving. Which will in turn, get the guys on the dance floor as well.
  6. This next track is without a doubt one of Beenie Man's best songs. "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie", released in 2008 totally deviates from the usual Dancehall feel. The beat is of Dancehall origin, but the music is a mixture of Hip Hop with a Daft Punk feel. This song moves at such a fast pace you may not want to listen and drive. You'll find yourself blazing down the expressway the way this track blazes your eardrums.
  7. Securing itself as one of Beenie Man's best tracks is the hit "The Specialists". This track features the popular Dancehall group Vybez Kartel. They are exactly that, specialists at their art form. The feel of this song is straight Dancehall and nothing but. You can find this song on the 2005 release "From Kingston to The King of Dancehall".
  8.  "Bossman", released in 2002 on the "Tropical Storm" album featured Lady Saw, and Sean Paul. This is a Dancehall banger. It was one of the hottest songs out regardless of genre in 2002, and it still bangs today.
  9. "King of The Dancehall".  Do you want to dance? Check this joint out. Released back in 2004 on  his "Back To Basics" album, this song takes control of the listeners body. The beat alone is enough to have you moving. Adding a beat with Dancehall, and electronica influences, this song can get anyone of the wall onto the dance floor.
  10. The best Beenie Man song to this point, without a doubt has to be "Who Am I". Released in 1997 on the "Moods of Moses" album, this song is till an integral part of any club DJ's musical selection. It cemented Beenie Man as arguably one of the best Reggae Dancehall artists ever and made him a star worldwide regardless of the genre. Listen…
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