10 Best Beer Commercials

Want to know what the 10 best beer commercials are? Humor, clever imagery, and ironic situations have helped these beer commercials become continually enjoyed and to remain in pop culture's collective consciousness. So revisit these 10 best beer commercials, and if they are completely new to you – by all means – look them up and prepare to be entertained. 
  1. Guinness – "Rhythm of Life". Any beer commercial that can cover the evolution of all living species in under a minute deserves to be considered the best beer commercial. The visual effects depicting rewinding Guinness drinkers morphing into everything from cavemen to dinosaurs was seamless and worthy of rewinds galore. 
  2. Bud Light – "Silent Killer Gas Passer". This has got to be the most hilarious beer commercial on the list–following the mishaps of a guy filled with unfortunate fumes. The wise-cracking narration and the reoccurring rock singer put this on the level of those brilliantly witty "Saturday Night Live" skits. 
  3. Budweiser – "Whazzup". This classic Budweiser beer commercial became a national phenomenon with the catchphrase "whazzup." It even spawned some spin-off commercials, one of which made it to this list. 
  4. Budweiser – "Frogs". Budweiser's marketing efforts strike again, with another simple, yet effective way to get a laugh, this time involving frogs pronouncing "Budweiser." This advertisement proved that sometimes you don't need celebrities to sell some beer on television. 
  5. Bud Light "Dude". This Bud Light beer commercial covers practically every annoying thing that could possibly happen to a guy in the course of a day. The overly dramatic piano music just adds to the entertaining silliness. 
  6. Miller Lite – "Catfight: Great Taste vs. Less Filling". Miller Lite brings their "A-game" to the battle of beer commercials with a male fantasy gone wrong. It captures that often goofy camaraderie that men share with each other while drunk, but would never be caught dead expressing with their girlfriends – unless you are the guys in this commercial. 
  7. Coors Light – "Jim Mora: Playoffs". This over-the-top press conference with Coach Jim Mora turns into an embarrassing nightmare for some of his fans. It is enough to make a team supporter never ask an agitated coach about the "playoffs" ever again. 
  8. Budweiser – "Alien Whazzup". Sometimes good things need a sequel to keep the marketing momentum going, and this beer ad brings back the "whazzup" catchphrase – this time with an alien. This may not have the same spontaneous zest that the initial version possessed, but it still comes off as a funny gag on just how popular Budweiser's own marketing slogan became – since it was the biggest thing he learned while on Earth. 
  9. Miller Lite – "That's My Sister". Sure, this beer commercial loses a little of it's humor once you know the punchline, but it is still a great concept. Who can't relate to the embarrassment that this guy must have felt after telling such an erotic story about his friend's sister – or how angry his friend must have been as for that matter. 
  10. Bud Light – "Wine and Cheese Party". This Bud Light commercial is a classic "guy dilemma" – wanting some beer and to watch sports – when being dragged to a wine and cheese party by his girlfriend. Who would assume that a six-pack of Bud was hidden in a hunk of cheese? 
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