10 Best Beer Drinking Games

If you're the type that shuns hard liquor, then you need to know the ten best beer drinking games. These competitive drinking events are crafted specially with beer drinkers in mind, so put away the handle and take out your stein. If you're ready to get messy, then here are the best beer drinking games of all time.

  1. Power Hour. While not really a game, per se, it's definitely one of the most competitive drinking activities one can engage in. Simply gather a group of people, a stop watch, and a lot of beer. Start the watch, and take a shot of beer every minute for an hour.
  2. Case Race. Another test of endurance for those who love beer drinking games. Gather two teams, each equipped with an entire case of beer. The first one to finish the case wins.
  3. Beer Pong. The definitive beer drinking game, all you need for this is two pairs of people, a long table, some ping pong balls, twelve cups, and a lot of beer. Arrange half of the cups in a triangular pattern on each side of the table, fill them with beer, and take turns tossing the balls into the cups. Whenever a ball goes into the cup, take a drink. Whoever finishes all of their cups first loses.
  4. Actors & Movies. You're going to need a smaller group of people to play this game. Simply name an actor, then the next person names the movie that they were in, followed by another actor from that movie being named by the next person. When someone messes up or repeats an actor, they take a drink.
  5. Flip Cup. Another classic beer drinking game. Have two equally-matched teams stand opposite of each other along a long table with full beer cups. The people at the head of the table finish their cups, turn them over onto the table, then attempt to flip them back by flicking the rim of the cup. 
  6. Bite the Bag. You're going to need a paper bag, a few friends, and a ton of brews to make this work. Simply place the paper bag on the floor, bend down, and pick it up with your teeth, the catch being that the only thing that's allowed to touch the floor is your feet. Every time someone picks up the bag, you cut away one inch of the top. If someone fails, they have to shotgun a beer.
  7. Sevens. Get a group of people together, stand in a circle, and start counting off numbers in a clockwise rotation. Once you reach seven or a multiple of it, skip the number and start going in the other direction. If anyone messes up or speaks out of turn, they have to take a drink.
  8. The Name of Fame. Have everyone sit in a circle and start by saying the name of a famous person. The next person has to say another famous person's name, but the first name has to start with the first letter of the last name of the previous person. So, for instance, the game would go from Carmen Electra to Ethan Hawke to Harold Ramis. When someone messes up, they drink.
  9. Sentences. This is a beer drinking game that requires a bit more thinking from the players. One person starts with one word, then the next person adds another word onto that while repeating the first word. So, for instance, if the first word is "I," the next person could say "I went," and so on. The sentences need to make sense, and if someone misses a word in the sequence or fails to come up with something within thirty seconds, they need to drink and start over.
  10. Detonator. This final game is only for those with strong bodies and a lot of beer. Take a can of beer and shake it up. Now yell "Detonator!" at the top of your lungs and hit it against your head as hard as possible. If it doesn't break, pass it to the next person to do the same. When the can breaks, everyone else needs to shotgun their beers and start again. The game ends when there's only one person left standing.
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