10 Best Beer Drinking Songs

A song worthy of making the 10 best beer drinking songs list is one that brings people together, gets them singing and keeps the alcohol flowing. Many of the truly good drinking songs are either folk songs that get re-recorded by each successive generation, or classic songs written by beer drinkers themselves. Pull up a bar stool and take a look at the ten best beer drinking songs ever written.

  1. Various Artists "Under the Scotsman's Kilt." This Scottish drinking song is a bar pounding favorite sing-along that has been recorded several times over by many different artists. It tells the story of two young ladies that check under a Scotsman's kilt as he sleeps off a night of drinking.
  2. Gary Lee and Showdown "The Rodeo Song." The lyrics are simple to remember, extremely raunchy and the beat gets the feet stomping. In short, this is a great beer drinking song.
  3. The Doors "Roadhouse Blues." If you are a cover band that does not play this song then you will not be working in any bars. The song has a line about beer in it and everyone will know exactly when to jump in.
  4. Dropkick Murphys "Finnegan's Wake." The Dropkick Murphys are one of two bands that are mandatory on any list of the ten best beer drinking songs of all time. This song is a old Irish folk tale that the Murphys deliver in their own style.
  5. Flogging Molly "Seven Deadly Sins." Flogging Molly is the other band that is mandatory for a list of the ten best beer drinking songs of all time. If you like your beer drinking songs with catchy lyrics delivered at a blistering pace then Flogging Molly is for you. "Seven Deadly Sins" is their best beer drinking song.
  6. Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places." This drinking song penned by one of the most famous country singers of all time is one that will get everyone arm in arm and singing along. You cannot have a list of the ten best beer drinking songs of all time without "Friends in Low Places."
  7. Jimmy Buffet "Margaritaville." This is one of those drinking songs that applies to any kind of alcohol. It belongs on a list of the ten best beer drinking songs just as much as it belongs on a list of the top ten margarita drinking songs.
  8. George Thorogood and the Destroyers "One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer." A story about a guy down on his luck can bring together a room full of beer drinkers faster than almost any kind of drinking song.
  9. ZZ Top "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers." A good beat and a catchy refrain help to make this one of the top ten best beer drinking songs of all time. It gives a bar full of beer drinkers the chance to yell out "beer drinkers", and that is what a drinking song is all about.
  10. Johnny Paycheck "Take This Job and Shove It." This is one of those beer drinking songs that you could just keep playing over and over, and the more beer people drink the more they will sing along.
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