10 Best Beers For Getting Drunk

There are several qualifications for determining the 10 best beers for getting drunk. The beers can't taste bad; the beers need to be cheap; and the beers can't be too filling. 

  1. Keystone Light Keystone Light, known as the "never bitter beer," is about as cheap as beer will get. A 30-pack of Keystone is normally about twelve to fifteen dollars, so quantity is never a problem. It has 4.7 percent alcohol by volume and 104 calories per can. It doesn't taste great, but it goes down easy, a key for getting drunk quickly. The cost more than makes up for the taste.
  2. Bud Light This is the light beer from Budweiser's collection. It is relatively cheap; a twelve-pack costs between eight to ten dollars. It has a 4.2 percent alcohol by volume content and 110 calories per bottle.
  3. Miller Lite Similar to Bud Light, this is Miller's light beer representative. A beer connoisseur could sense the difference in taste between Bud and Miller, but to the person trying to get drunk, there is no difference. The cost for a twelve-pack is about eight to ten dollars. Miller Lite is 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and just 96 calories, so this beer will take a while to fill anyone 
  4. Miller High Life Another Miller product, this beer has a few more calories at 143 per can, but also has a higher alcohol content at 4.7 percent. A twelve-pack will cost about eight to ten dollars. The best part is any drinker can feel classy because this beer is known as the "champagne of beers."
  5. Yuengling This is a slightly classier beer that can still be quickly drinkable. Yuengling has 5.0 percent alcohol by volume and has 145 calories per bottle. It will cost about twelve dollars for a twelve-pack. The taste makes up for the slightly higher price.
  6. Coors Light Coors Light is known as the "silver bullet" for its slightly taller and skinnier can. This beer is similar to Bud Light and Miller Lite. The cost for a twelve-pack is about eight to ten dollars. The alcohol by volume is 4.15 percent and there are 104 calories per can. This beer stays cold longer (at least that is what the commercials say) and the taste is good enough to be able to put up with while getting drunk.
  7. Samuel Adams Boston Lager This is one of the better tasting beers of the bunch, but the taste and increased alcohol content of 4.75 percent makes the beer cost a bit more. A six-pack will cost about ten dollars and a single bottle has 160 calories. Boston Lager will be a bit more difficult to chug, but the better taste will make it easier to drink for longer periods of time.
  8. Busch Light This beer has 4.1 percent alcohol by volume and just 95 calories per can. Thirty cans of Busch Light will cost about eighteen dollars and fifty cents, which means plenty of beer per dollar. The taste isn't great, but all that beer is worth it.
  9. Old Style This beer is well known in the Chicago area. It has 114 calories per can and a 4.7 percent alcohol content. This is another cheap beer, costing about eight dollars for a twelve-pack. The best thing about this beer is that is can be enjoyed on the couch or in Wrigley Field while watching a Cubs game.
  10. Guinness All the other beers on the list are low in calories and easy to chug. Guinness is neither, but drinking just a couple will bring on a major buzz. Guinness costs about ten dollars for a six-pack. Each can has a 4.27 percent alcohol content and 153 calories. This beer will fill any drinker up quickly, along with bringing on a good drunken state.
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