10 Best Beginner BMX Bikes

When starting with BMX biking you want to make sure that you get a great bike but there are a lot of sales people out there that will sell you a more expensive bike or a bike that has a lot of bells and whistles instead of one of the best beginner BMX bikes.  Beginner bikes and intermediate bikes are very different because each has different riders. The sales person can help you buy a BMX but make sure you do some research first by finding out what the best beginner BMX bikes are yourself.  Here are some bikes for you to consider:

  1. Harrow. Keeps beginners in mind when designing the bikes.  It is one of the best beginner BMX bikes because they care about their riders.               
  2. Diamondback. They have some of the best BMX bikes for beginners because of their quality frames and handlebars.           
  3. Mongoose. Their cassette rear hubs and their 3 piece cranks make these one of the best beginner BMX bikes.
  4. Hoffman. They know the best beginner BMX bike need to be sturdy in design.
  5. Eastern/Lowdown. These bikes makes great lightweight bikes that are designed with beginners in mindHaro. Beginners love these bikes for their style and their functionality.
  6. Easter/Traildigger. These bikes are built to last and can easily be passed on to another user once the current user moves on to a more advanced bike.
  7. Eastern/Torino. These bikes are great for freestyling.
  8. Eastern/ 9 Volt. This bike lets you get the basics of flat riding down at the beginning.
  9. Eastern/ Paydirt. This is technically a sound bike and it is affordable, too.
  10. Intense. The focus on making sure their BMX bikes for beginners are the best for beginners’ needs.
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