10 Best Beginner Golf Clubs

The 10 best beginner golf clubs should be able to help anyone who is starting out to improve their game. When looking to buy your first set of golf clubs, you do not need to look for the set at the top of your budget. Instead, look for the ones that handle well and provide the best comfort for your playing. These are the sets that will help you to enjoy the game and improve at the same time.

  1. Callaway Diablo Edge Driver. A user-friendly driver, the Diablo allows you to send the ball along the fairway with ease. One of the 10 best beginner golf clubs, this driver is also favored by more experienced players because of their great handling.
  2. TaylorMade R9 Iron Set. These are amongst the 10 best beginner golf clubs available today. Great for distance, these irons enable you to hit the green from a distance.
  3. Adams Idea A7 Iron Set. A mix of hybrids and traditional irons, the Idea A7 set are ideal for those just starting out. Designed to improve your game, these are another set of irons that are amongst the 10 best beginner golf clubs.
  4. Ping G15 Wood. Ideal for letting your ball fly along the fairway, this wood is one of the 10 best beginner golf clubs around today. Great for players with a high handicap looking to bring their score way down.
  5. Callaway FT-IZ Hybrid. Looked down upon for making the game easier but secretly loved by all, hybrids are the perfect blend of power and control. The FT-IZ is a good example of a hybrid club and one of the 10 best beginner golf clubs on the market. A good weight increases the drive whilst the well balanced shaft makes it easy to handle.
  6. Odyssey White Ice Series Putter. For the ever important last shot, you need a putting iron that is going to do the job and the White Ice is just that. Great control and light, the White Ice is one of the 10 best beginner clubs for the green.
  7. Nike Method Putter. A high tech putter that is light, effective and one of the 10 best beginner clubs available, this is used by professionals and amateurs alike, definitely a putter of outstanding quality.
  8. TaylorMade TP XFT Wedge. This wedge is one of the most innovative on the market. An interchangeable face means that as your golf begins to improve, you can change the worn down head without having to buy a new club.
  9. Scratch 8620 Wedge. A great club for amateurs and one of the 10 best beginner golf clubs, its simple design hides a consistent performer that will improve your game every time it is used.
  10. Cleveland Launcher DST Driver. A lightweight driver, the DST is designed with the aim of improving your game. A stable and reliable driver, this is one of the 10 best beginner golf clubs money can buy.
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