10 Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding is an extreme sport where the 10 best beginner snowboard boots can mean the difference between success and failure…looking good or looking like your little sister on the slopes! So, when just starting out in the sport—even only for recreational purposes—it definitely pays to have the right equipment.

  1. Salomon Savage Snowboard Boots 2010. These beginner's snowboots will ease you into the snowboarding experience, allowing you to shred with the best of them right off the bat. Featuring the Powerlace Pro lacing system, these boots will ensure that you get the grip and support to maximize your snowboarding experience.
  2. K2 Domain Snowboard Boots 2010. If you are looking for a boot with superior comfort and heel closure while not sacrificing durability, then look no further. The K2 Domain Snowboard Boots are just what you need. Designed to get you anywhere on any mountain in style and confidence, these boots come with the Fast-In Single Pull system that makes adjustments simple and fast.
  3. Ride Anthem Boa Snowboard Boots 2010. Ride Anthem's Boa Boots are intermediate-level boots made especially for performance enhancement, something desirable no matter your experience. For all you germaphobes, listen up: these babies come with anti-bacterial coating so they stay fresh even after long days of practicing your crashes and spills on the slopes.
  4. Salomon Faction Snowboard Boots 2010.  The construction of this Salomon product enables the snowboarder to ride in confidence while still looking good doing so. Featuring a stomp outsole, autofit and foam type, plus a cushion footbed, your snowboarding performance enjoys a benefit from this, one of the best snowboarding boots of the year.
  5. K2 Transit Boa Snowboard Boots 2010. If comfort is at the top of your consideration for best beginner snowboard boot, then look no further than these K2 Transit Boas. According to Evogear's rating system, they rate a solid 1 on the softness scale, making your shredding attempts a very easy affair.
  6. Salomon Brigade Snowboard Boots 2010. What makes these boots so very perfect for beginners is how they lend themselves to doing up laces quickly while, at the same time, offering the comforts of self-molding Autofit foam. Get both speed and comfort for your snowboarding needs with Salomon's Brigade Snowboard Boots.
  7. K2 Raider Boa Snowboard Boots 2010. Harshmellow outsoles and BOA lacing systems make for an exciting time conquering the mountains in your K2 Raider Boas. Balanced with a soft feel but a solid fit, these boots form perfectly to your feet and thus provide superior support.
  8. Ride Sparkle Boa Snowboard Boots – Youth 2010. Featuring great Flex and Fit technology meant to provide heel and ankle support like no other, these snowboard boots for the youth come with full height synthetic upper as well as size shims. We promise you'll get long-life durability out of these boots sporting a classic streetwear look.
  9. Ride Strapper Keeper Snowboard Boots 2010. Quite likely on the pricier end of the beginner's market, Ride's Strapper Keeper Snowboard Boots also deliver the goods where performance is concerned. Feeling more like a skate shoe on your feet, these boots are light and flexible, but don't surrender anything where style and speed are needed.
  10. Salomon Talapus Snowboard Boots 2010. Made for the beginner, the Talapus entry in Salomon's 2010 line of snowboard boots features a flex rating of four for a softer, more forgiving ride. It also comes with a durable outsole, comfort fit form, and Mono-tongue construction.



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