10 Best Beginner Surfing Spots

The 10 best beginner surfing spots are all beautiful tropical destinations. In these waters, the beginner surfer will have the opportunity to be out on the water and pushed around by the forces of nature. Whether it will become an addictive sport is something only the surfer can decide. Below are the ten best beginner surfing spots.

  1. Gold Coast, Australia: Sunny, subtropical temperatures, popular surfing beaches and canals make Gold Coast, Australia one of the best beginner surfing spots. With 70km of beaches and four major point breaks, Gold Coast has been called a surfers paradise.
  2. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia: The Mentawai Islands provide the best beginner surfing spots located in Indonesia. Waves can face almost every direction due to the winds, so it is not difficult to find a break with offshore conditions. These Islands have a specific wave spot called Gilligan's for the beginner surfer to learn on.
  3. Kuta, Bali: The Island of Bali offers great beaches for beginner surfing spots. The long sandy stretch in front of the Kuta tourist strip has small waves for beginners that become small swells. School of Surf is also available for the complete beginner in Kuta, Bali.
  4. Lagos, Portugal: With a variety of great waves, Lagos, Portugal is one of the best beginner surfing spots. Surf Experience is one of the oldest surfing schools available for the complete beginner. Try and choose the best time of the year to go to Lagos when the crowds are few and the prices are low.
  5. Surfer's Point, Barbados: Located in Barbados, southern point is the best beginner surfing spot called Surfer's Point. The perfect tropical setting is an idyllic spot to learn how to surf. Former competitive surfer Zed Layson runs a surfing school where the beginner can learn on easy-to-ride foam surfboards.
  6. Waikiki, Hawaii: As the home of surfing, Waikiki, Hawaii is the best beginner surfing spot. Waikiki has gentle waves which are perfect for the beginner learning to surf. Even though it is always crowded with beginners catching a wave should be relatively easy in Waikiki's beaches. Also, there are plenty of surfing schools in the area.
  7. Taghazoute, Morocco: With it's long righthand point breaks, Taghazoute, Morocco is a very popular winter destination for European surfers. Pulling up to one of the many point breaks make Taghazoute one of the best beginner surfing spots especially since there are many surfing schools available. There are many beaches and small waves available for the beginner to learn how to surf during the autumn season.
  8. Newquay, UK: Even though the weather is always terrible in Britain, it is one of the best beginner surfing spots. Newquay's Fistral beach is the best location for the beginner to learn how to surf. There are plenty of surf cafes, surf schools and backpacker hostels. Plus the waves are surfable in most conditions.
  9. Bundoran, Ireland: As another one of the best beginner surfing spots, Bundoran, Ireland has become the new popular destination for surfing. With it's uncrowded waves and small swells, Europeans are finding Bundoran, Ireland a new hot spot.
  10. Byron Bay, Australia: With a variety of waves, Bryon Bay is one of the best beginner surfing spots. Waves are available at all levels in Austrailia for the beginner surfer to the professional surfer . Bryon Bay surf school is available to to teach beginners as well as provide accommodations.
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