10 Best Beginning Guitar Songs

Listed below are the 10 best beginning guitar songs which have an easy rhythm that may be picked up by novice musicians by simply strumming basic chords. Simply listening to these songs and playing along accordingly should be enough to help you learn to play them, but you may also download their tabs. The following are the ten best beginning guitar songs that help novices get a feel for the instrument.

  1. "Smoke on the Water" Deep Purple This song is perfect for novice guitarists who are trying to start out with the instrument. Only a few basic chords are needed to complete the entire song.
  2. "Love Me Two Times" The Doors This beginning guitar song allows newbies to practice picking particular strings. It is excellent for anyone trying to figure out how to move fingers between strings and frets.
  3. "Man on the Moon" REM This tune has slow guitar, but a very original sound that is appealing to listeners. If you like this type of music, REM's "Man on the Moon" is perfect for beginners.
  4. "Old Man" Neil Young Like "Love Me Two Times," Neil Young's "Old Man" is the perfect song for any beginner trying to exercise finger movements and picking specific strings. It also has a slower, more emotional feel than most beginning guitar songs.
  5. "Tangled Up in Blue" Bob Dylan This song is mainly strumming, but its chord arrangement makes for an excellent background to the song's lyrics. "Tangled Up in Blu"e is easy to learn for beginners.
  6. "House of the Rising Sun" The Animals For beginning guitarists who want to make the most of their basic skills, this song is a must. It ranges greatly in tone, but follows a fairly simple chord progression.
  7. "Margaritaville" Jimmy Buffett Although this song will lack the tropical feel provided by extra instruments if you only use the guitar, it is a pretty easy song to learn for novices and it does not follow any standard playing technique, making it very original and pleasant. This is a great song to know for festive events.
  8. "Horse With No Name" America This song has some of the most basic and easiest guitar strumming of any tune. It is perfect for beginners who want to learn songs with a Southwestern feel to them.
  9. "Hotel California" The Eagles Because of this song's popularity and instrumental simplicity, it is certainly among the best beginning guitar songs for newbie guitarists. It also has unique lyrics, so if you can sing, too, that is certainly a plus.
  10. "Rocky Raccoon" The Beatles This song has some wild guitar in it, but it is pretty easy to learn. It has its musicians doing more precise picking than steady strumming.

Listed above are the ten best beginning guitar songs. Each of them is very unique, but its playing may be picked up by anyone who has just started learning to play the guitar. Many of them may be learned audibly, though tablature is available for them online.

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