10 Best Beijing Olympics Bloopers

It is hilarious to see athletes fall on their faces and is one of the ways to have seen some of the 10 best Beijing Olympics bloopers. The beauty of live television is that you get to see professionals in all their glory, as well as seeing them during times when they know what recent events are going to make it to the blooper real. Here are some of the best bloopers from the 2008 Beijing Olympics:

  1. Welisson Silva of Brazil falls. During the men's 69 kg group C weightlifting event, Silva showed the world that even the strongest men are not immune to Beijing Olympic bloopers.
  2.  Angel Matos, a Cuban taekwondo athlete, kicks a referee in the face after being disqualified for a bronze medal. Officials now want Matos and his coach disqualified from the sport for life for this behavior Olympic blooper.
  3. Gymnast Jiang Yuyuan falls during the all-around artistic final. This blooper made falling look graceful.
  4. Katie McVean’s horse refuses to jump the fence. The sudden halt of the horse throws the New Zealand rider to the ground to make a memorable Olympic blooper.  
  5. “I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” This is a quote from gymnast Paul Hamm, who, according to this Olympic quote, supposedly has more than a biological mother and father.
  6. “Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.” To some individuals there incidents that are more serious in boxing than death, like being a boxing commentator on a list of Olympic bloopers.
  7. Kamil Kuczynski of Poland and Theo Bos of the Netherlands meet the pavement. These two did not take long to make a great 2008 Beijing Olympic blooper, as this happened during the men’s track cycling team sprint qualifiers.
  8. Richard Mantell of Great Britain and the Netherland’s RonaldBrouwer both fall during a field hockey Olympic match. Brouwer’s height pre-fall makes this Olympic blooper epic.
  9. Japan’s Hiroyuki Tomita tumbles to the mat. Although this happened during a men’s individual all-around artistic gymnastics final, Tomita was not doing floor exercises. His blooper occurred during a botched dismount from a rings routine.
  10. Yao Ming topples among reporters. Seven feet was a long way to fall during the men’s preliminary round group B basketball match against the United States. This Olympic blooper, however, will go down in blooper history. 
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