10 Best Best Dance Club Songs

There are songs for listening, and songs for thinking, but this is a list of some of the ten best club dance songs to tear up the floor to. The only thing better than spending the night in a big dark room packed full of hot bodies, is a big dark room packed full of hot bodies and the sounds of great music. For a sample, look at the following list:

  1. "Say Hello" Deep Dish. This vocal dance hit is an original production of Sharam and Dubfire, known together as dj super duo, Deep Dish. A romantic melody and solid beat pushed this hit to the top of club, dance and pop charts.
  2. "Star Guitar" Chemical Brothers. Incessant guitar strumming, handclaps and an amazing synthesizer loop make this one of the best club dance songs ever. It’s a steady favorite of club dj’s worldwide.
  3. "Heaven Scent" Bedrock.  International dj icon John Digweed orchestrates this club song, often associated with the movie “Groove” and its exploration of Ecstasy. Popular at super raves and with the mainstream this is one of the best club songs you’ll hear.
  4. "You Love This Ass" Avenue D. A synth driven, bubble bounce, tune this is one of the best songs to dance to in a  club packed with hot women. Its chorus is infectious, “Those b&^%$#!, them b&^%$#!, that b&^%! – you want to bite it.”
  5. "Love Like Sleep" Jimmy Van M. Heavy bass and driving synthesizers power this progressive house number to delightful dance floor depths. It’s a danceable tune for those serious about their music and down to party till dawn.
  6. "Midnight on West 27th St." Lexicon Avenue. In a daring and innovative effort, this song samples the Islamic Call to Prayer. The monstrous beat builds from the beginning to the end without ever letting up. It doesn’t get much better than this inside the club.
  7. "Give it Up for Me" Sydney Blue. The title of this song could alternately be called “Every Guy’s Desire.” Pounding bass, and precise synths, coupled with a bag full of effects make this a great club song. Its also perfect for finding the right person to dance with and making whatever desires come true..
  8. "Dirty Sexy Club Music" Deadmau5. There couldn’t be a better title for this very danceable tune from one of the hottest international dj’s on the scene. The vocal sample only sounds sweeter as the song goes on and on into the night.
  9. "I Remember" Kaskade. This house music hit is lifted by ethereal female vocals that rise and fall throughout the track. You can almost see the strobe lights and color displays of the club as you listen to this dance tune.
  10. "Last Night" Fragma remix. The international club hit, “Toca’s Miracle” is remixed, then mashed-up with Diddy’s pop tune in this dance song. Technically a composition of three separate songs, it’s one of the best mixes around and plays for any type of crowd.
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