10 Best Best Friend’s Girlfriend Songs

Being best friends with somebody can't trump attraction, as evidenced by the 10 best best friend's girlfriend songs. Rockers, pop stars and rappers bare their souls and break it to their best friends in these songs.

  1. My Best Friend’s Girl.” Tall and odd-looking Ric Ocasek, singer/guitarist for The Cars, must have had a hard time with getting girls growing up. He’s so hard up he’s after his best friend’s girlfriend, the one with “nuclear boots” and a “drip dry glove.”
  2. Girlfriend.” Michael Jackson put up a front of innocence, but apparently he was hiding an adulterous mind, as evidence in “Girlfriend.” Jackson sings “Girlfriend, I’m gonna tell your boyfriend…exactly what we’re doing.” But honestly, who would choose another guy over The King of Pop.
  3. Jessie’s Girl.” “Jessie’s got himself a girl and I want to make her mine,” sings “General Hospital” star Rick Springfield in this power-pop hit. You’d think he’d find a girl among the millions of soap-opera-watching housewives.
  4. I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend.” Poor ska musicians. Not too many girls go for guys dressed in silly clothes playing trumpets. Reel Big Fish perform one of the best best friend’s girlfriend songs, singing “I don't know what to do, maybe i could kill you” to the best friend in question.
  5. The Girl of My Best Friend.” Elvis Presley longs for his best friend’s girlfriend in “The Girl of My Best Friend.” Fortunately, the King knows how ugly it’d turn out if he expressed his love, singing “What if she got real mad and told him so / I could never face either one again.”
  6. Layla.” Pattie Boyd had her pick of world-famous rockstars back in the day. Eric Clapton wrote this secret love song for her, betraying his friend, Beatle George Harrison who was married to her. “Like a fool, I fell in love with you / Turned my whole world upside down,” sings Clapton in this Derek & The Dominos classic, aware of the consequences.
  7. Why Don’t You Get a Job.” Offspring front man Dexter Holland tells his friend like it is in “Why Don’t You Get a Job.“ His friend’s getting ill-treatment from this gold-digging girl and Holland tells his friend to “say no way…why don't you get a job?” to her.
  8. Kickin’ It With Your Girlfriend.” R. Kelly sort of apologizes to the best friend that he betrayed, singing “I really did try to keep that girl away from me / But her body language kept on tempting and teasing me.” How can his friend take his apology seriously when he named the song “Kickin’ It With Your Girlfriend”?
  9. Thing For Your Girlfriend.” Royce da 5’9” fronts his best friend in “Thing For Your Girlfriend.” “You ain't got what it takes to keep her away from me,” croons the rapper in one of the best best friend’s girlfriend songs.
  10. Girlfriend.” Chris Brown doesn’t want his best friend’s girlfriend in “Girlfriend,” but, according to him, “she like la la la la la.” If his relationship with Rihanna is any indication, this best friend’s girlfriend should probably keep away.
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