10 Best Best Friends Movies

Romance movies premiere all the time, but the 10 best best friend movies are harder to come by. This list covers it all, from the furry to the opposite sex to the one that will be by your side in the end.

  1. “When Harry Met Sally.” What happens when you sleep with your best friend? For some, it’s love. For others, it’s complicated, and can lead to a fake orgasm in a downtown Manhattan deli. If your best friendship has recently turned sexual, you need to watch this movie.
  2. “My Best Friends Wedding.” Yes, it’s a romantic comedy. And yes, your girlfriend and your mom and your sister have collectively seen it one million times. But guys, you should watch it too, because is poses the age-old question- should you marry your best friend? Or should you marry that hot new girl you just met and have no history with? Decisions, decisions. This is the ultimate opposite-sex best friend film.
  3. “Marley and Me.” A list of the best best friend movies wouldn’t be complete without a nod to man’s best friend—the canine. “Marley and Me” is hilarious, relatable, and will throw you for a loop in the end. Be prepared.
  4. “Grumpy Old Men” and “Grumpier Old Men.” The relationship between John and Max may seem hostile on the surface, but after fifty years of feuding, pranking and scheming against one another, they know each other better than they’d like to admit. We’d all be lucky to have the same best friend for fifty years. You'll laugh at this best friends film, and it'll give you something to look forward to.
  5. “Stand by Me.” This 80’s best friend movie will bring you back to your boyhood days when you and the neighborhood kids ran in a pack. It’s the classic coming-of-age story for boys that will to trigger a bout of nostalgia.
  6. “The Shawshank Redemption.” Sometimes the best friendships form in the most unlikely of places. Andy and Red forge a bond behind the bars of Shawshank prison, and endure more together than an average prisoner. This best friends film will be considered a classic in the years to come.
  7. “Forrest Gump.” Forrest is one of those guys you’re embarrassed to be around at first, but then once you get over yourself, you realize that he’s the most loyal friend you’ll have. Lieutenant Dan and Bubba are lucky guys, and so is anyone who has a friend like Forrest. This will become a classic best friend film, too.
  8. “E.T.” He’s not human, but this Extra-Terrestrial is a testament to what happens when you forge a friendship with someone who is totally different. It’s charming, it’s silly, and you can see what Drew Barrymore looked like before she was the hotness she is today.
  9. “The Goonies.” Adventure! A secret society! Buried treasure! If you’re nostalgic for the old-school adventures you and your school friends used to embark on, pop this best friends movie into the DVD player.
  10. “The Odd Couple.” Even in the late 60’s, the bro code applied. Felix is going through a divorce, so his best friend Oscar steps up and offers him a place to stay. Easy living it is not. This best friends comedy proves that you never know someone until you live with them.
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