10 Best ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Episodes

It is difficult to select just 10 best "Beverly Hills, 90210" episodes, as it was one of the longest running and most popular shows of the 1990s. From high school heartache to college rape, "Beverly Hills, 90210" provided close to 300 drama-filled episodes over its 10-year run. That said, the series has certainly had its share of extra-memorable events. Here are some of the 10 best episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210."

  1. "Something in the Air" Anyone who has heard of "Beverly Hills, 90210" will likely recognize the phrase "Donna Martin graduates!" In this classic episode, Donna faces harsh repercussions for getting drunk at her senior prom and is told she will not be allowed to graduate high school with the rest of her class. Upon hearing the news, Brandon and the gang lead the senior and junior class in a passionate protest in support of Donna and repeatedly chant, "Donna Martin graduates!" Eventually, the school board acquiesces and allows Donna to graduate on schedule. (Season 3)
  2. "Spring Dance" This episode marks the first time that Brenda and Dylan take their relationship to the next level. The couple has sex for the first time after the spring dance and Brenda officially loses her virginity. (Season 1)
  3. "Back in the High Life" After a harrowing internal struggle, Dylan finally chooses to be with Kelly and breaks up with Brenda for good. This episode features a notable scene in the pool atop the swanky Bel Age hotel, in which Dylan tells Kelly that she is the one he wants and has always been the one he wants. (Season 3)
  4. "B.Y.O.B." In this episode, Brandon experiences his first brush with serious trouble when he drives drunk and gets into a car accident. He is uninjured but is arrested and taken to jail. (Season 1)
  5. "What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories" Welcome to Beverly Hills, Valerie!. Valerie Malone is a family friend of the Walshes and at first appears friendly and sweet. However, her true bad girl colors become quickly apparent when she is shown drinking, smoking marijuana and manipulating those around her. (Season 5)
  6. "Wedding Bell Blues" Beverly Hills is drenched with drama-Jackie and Mel are forced to move their wedding to the Walsh's house after theirs is flooded. Kelly sleeps with a much older Jake Hanson, her latest crush and a character on "Melrose Place", the sister show to "Beverly Hills, 90210." (Season 2)
  7. "U4EA" Brandon takes another walk on the wild side when his devilish girlfriend, Emily Valentine, slips a hallucinogenic drug in his drink at an underground club.  When the police raid the club, Brandon is forced to flee and leave his car to get torn apart. (Season 2)
  8. "Dead End" During the last seconds of this gut-wrenching episode, Dylan's father Jack, a convicted felon just released from prison, is killed by a car bomb that one of his many enemies vengefully planted. Dylan witnesses the horrifying explosion from only a few yards away. (Season 3)
  9. "We Interrupt This Program" Donna gets a job as a weather girl on campus television. She also gets a stalker who turns out to be a fellow employee of the TV station and ends up holding Donna, Brandon, and other students hostage at gunpoint. The hostage situation is broadcast live on the air, and Donna is forced to comply with his demands until the police break up the situation. (Season 7)
  10. "Camping Trip" The whole gang takes a trip to Yosemite and end up trapped in a decrepit cabin for the night. Disaster strikes when Brandon almost falls of the side of a cliff only to be saved by Dylan. Dylan also confesses his recent alcohol relapse. (Season 2)

"Beverly Hills, 90210" produced an abundance of exciting episodes, groundbreaking story lines and memorable characters. Whether you favored Brenda, worshipped Dylan or had the hots for Kelly, you'll no doubt enjoy reminiscing about these 10 best episodes-and maybe even add some of your own to the list!

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