10 Best ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Quotes

The 10 best "Beverly Hills, 90210" quotes include some of the mot clever and heartfelt moments that the teens of West Beverly shared. "Beverly Hills, 90210" took the world by storm in the 90's and still has fans today. This hit series proved that no matter where they live, teenagers are teenagers, even when they are rich and beautiful.

  1. "I just don't believe in winning through intimidation, unless, of course, I'm doing the intimidating." – Dylan McKay. Dylan makes this remark to Brandon Walsh after they first meet. Dylan had just stopped two jocks from harassing the freshman, Scott. It demonstrates his tough exterior and his sense of humor, much different from the rest of the Beverly Hills teens that Brandon meets.
  2. "Sunscreen, cellular phone, you." – Steve Sanders. On the game show, "Love at First Sight", this is Steve's answer to Celeste's question about what three things he would take with him to a desert island. This is the beginning of their relationship.
  3. "I think we're supposed to kiss a few different people before we settle down with one person for the rest of our lives." – Brandon Walsh. Brandon gives Brenda some brotherly advice when she feels guilty for kissing another guy while she is dating Dylan. "Beverly Hills, 90210" devotes many episodes to the love life of Brenda and Dylan.
  4. "If that's her idea of a platonic relationship, I would love to see what happens when she decides to get physical." – Dylan McKay. Another classic Dylan remark made when Donna kisses David on the dance floor. The kiss happens after she has repeatedly said that she and David are only friends.
  5. "I love you, man, but if you were any dumber, you'd require fertilizer." – Brandon Walsh. When Brandon finds out that Steve broke into a campus office and got caught during a fraternity pledge scavenger hunt, he is completely exasperated.
  6. "I just have one question. Are we having fun yet?" – Dylan McKay. Once again, Dylan shows his sarcastic wit when the Beverly Hills group goes camping. This particular quote is made when a rainstorm forces them to stay in a leaky cabin with no hot water or firewood.
  7. "Well, the houses are bigger, the weather is warmer, and the tan lines are outstanding, but it doesn't mean they've cracked the meaning of life." – Brandon Walsh. Brenda needs some reassurance after they start school in Beverly Hills. She asks Brandon if they will make it in Beverly Hills. He responds in his usual mellow and logical way.
  8. "Do you want to know what sexy is, David? Sexy is a guy who can go three weeks without being unfaithful to his girlfriend." – Kelly Taylor. When Kelly catches David kissing another girl while Donna is in Paris for the summer, she is not very happy with him or his defense that the girl thinks he is sexy.
  9. "You're just some kind of soft drink sippin', hockey puck hair cut havin', Bart Simpson look alike without a place to live." – Steve Sanders. When Brenda moves back to Beverly Hills from Minnesota unexpectedly, Brandon wants to move. But when Steve suggests the frat house, Brandon dismisses the idea and Steve gets a little offended.
  10. "We haven't just learned facts and figures, logic and reasoning skills. But we have learned the value of friendship . . . friendship, loyalty and love, which will not be diminished just because we may not end up together. The memories that we have shared will not go away, simply because we do." – Andrea Zuckerman. This sentimental moment is part of Andrea's valedictorian speech during their high school graduation in Beverly Hills. She chases away their fears of growing apart once they leave high school and begin college.


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