10 Best Beyonce Song Lyrics

Here is a list of  the 10 best Beyonce song lyrics. Whether you remember Beyonce from Destiny’s Child or have fallen in love with her alter ego Sasha Fierce, the fact of the matter still remains that she is plain ol' fabulous! Her voice is absolutely amazing, her stage presence is phenomenal and–best of all–she writes most of her own songs.

  1. "Crazy in Love"  "Crazy in Love" is one of those songs that speak the truth about relationships. When you first start a relationship, you are crazy in love with one another. Even to the point where you may do thing that you would not. Beyonce hit it right on the nail with this song.
  2. "Me, Myself and I"  If you have ever been in a relationship, that has turned sour, listening to these song lyrics is a sure fire way to get your spirits back up. Whether it is a plutonic or a romantic relationship, understanding that you’re the only person that has your back is what Beyonce is trying to relay.
  3. "Speechless" This song is so sensual, sexy and at some points really raunchy, which is probably why it’s one of the best songs on the album. Beyonce describes waiting at home for her boy toy to fulfill all of her needs. This is a great song to play when your in the mood for making love.
  4. "Freekum Dress" Beyonce is all about being sexy and channeling your inner diva. This song is one that almost every girl can relate to. These song lyrics tell a story about reaching in the back of that closet and pulling out that special dress. You know, the one that makes everything look fabulous, and heading to the dance floor, boyfriends house, or anywhere, where you want to be noticed.
  5. "Daddy" This is a great song about the love of a daughter to her father. Beyonce wrote this song about her father. She talks about trips they took and even how she wants her unborn son to be just like her father.
  6. "Resentment" The song "Resentment" has many dark lyrics. It gives a detail description of a cheating mate, who breaks his girlfriend’s heart. Although he cheated on her some time ago, the girlfriend wants to know why? What’s wrong with her? She holds resentment because those questions where never answered.
  7. "Dangerously in Love" "Dangerously in Love" is just a plain out great relationship song. It details how strong her love is at that time to her beau Jay-Z and her admissions on having his child and being his wife.
  8. "Upgrade You" This is a great female anthem. These song lyrics are all about upgrading your man, buying him the finest things in life, which is rarely done by women, all the while letting him know that you can do for him, the same as he can do for you.
  9. "Ring the Alarm" Beyonce really put her foot into the lyrics of this song. This song outlines a cheating mate again, however on this occasion, she isn’t letting him go without a fight. She refuses to let another chick ravel in all of the finer things in life, which is why the alarm will be ringing.
  10. "Naughty Girl" The song "Naughty Girl" is all about embracing your inner sex kitten. It’s about going to a club with your girlfriends and having that confidence to be a naughty girl for just one night.
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