10 Best BFA College Acting Schools

It was hard to come up with only ten great schools for Acting in the United States, but we've narrowed it down to these 10 best BFA College Acting Schools.

  1. Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Tisch is arguably the best BFA college acting school in the nation. Students from this acting school receive a top-notch education preparing them for the harsh, unforgiving world of acting. Tisch students have been known to appear in movies, television shows, and some even go on to become professors of acting. Tisch: www.tisch.nyu.edu.
  2. Emerson College in Massachusetts.  Emerson is another great acting school. Located in Boston, Emerson students have a historic landmark at their fingertips to explore. Emerson is known for allowing their students to start working in their field from their first day, with student-directed shows and mainstage productions. Emerson: www.emerson.edu.
  3. University of Southern Maine. USM boasts a BFA in both theatre and musical theatre, offering a very diversified program. A wonderful added bonus is Maine's beauty, lush woods, and changing seasons, which will always contribute to an artist's muse. USM: www.usm.maine.edu.
  4. Ithaca. Ithaca is one of the most well-known Ivy League colleges in history. Graduate with a BFA in acting from Ithaca's acting school and you have built-in clout wherever you go. Expect a well-rounded BFA with training in acting and theatre management. Ithaca: www.ithaca.edu.
  5. California Institute of the Arts. CalArts is the best acting school on the Pacific coast to get your BFA in acting. According to the website, the twenty-first century actor "must be technologically literate, have a strong command of body, voice and speech, and be equally adept in theater, film, television and emerging media" (http://calarts.edu/theater/programs/acting). You can expect to be well-prepared for your acting career by going to California Institute of the Arts.
  6. Texas State. Graduates of the Texas State acting school boast eleven acting classes and four dance and movement classes, which is superior to most school's level of three or four acting classes. Texas State: www.theatreanddance.txstate.edu.
  7. Oklahoma City University. One perk of the acting school at Oklahoma City University is that the GRE test is not a requirement. This may help apprehensive students rest easy! Worry not, you will still be getting a top-notch education. Not only can you get a BFA in acting, but you can also get a BFA in theatre design. Oklahoma City University: www.okcu.edu.
  8. Rollins College. Rollins, a beautiful college located in sunny Florida, is a wonderful BFA acting school. They focus highly on production involvement, making that a course requirement. Rollins College: www.rollins.edu.
  9. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. AMDA has campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and boasts a highly competitive BFA in acting. The major  benefit of attending AMDA is that its two campuses are "located in the heart of Hollywood and Manhattan, the two performing arts capitals of the world" AMDA: http://www.amda.edu
  10. Northern Kentucky University. NKU is a acting school because under the BFA in Performance heading, there are many subheadings you can choose from: Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Playwriting, Design and Technology, and Stage Management. NKU: http://www.nku.edu
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