10 Best Big Boobs

Boobs, boobs everywhere, here are the ten best big boobs. In all honesty, choosing the ten best sets of big boobs is impossible. There could be a girl on your block with a better set of big boobs than any woman on this list. The problem is, no one else knows her. No, this list has been restricted to only include the ten best famous big boobs. Which, is also a pretty difficult list to compile. The people on this particular list of the best big boobs just happen to be smoking hot as well. Here they are, the ten best big boobs, the famous big boob version.

  1. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Everyone knows who this beautiful young lady is. Her big boobs are just as famous as she is. Jennifer love Hewitt started on on the show "Party of Five". She's since then moved on to other TV shows and movies. One thing stays consistent. Her overall beautiful figure with which her big beautiful boobs are the centerpiece. 
  2. Scarlett Johansson. Yet another young gorgeous starlet. Yes, she's a talented actress. Very talented. But, ask any guy what they remember about Ms. Johansson's performances. Yeah, you guessed it. Guys remember her knock out figure and flawless face. More importantly, the knock out figure.
  3. Salma Hayek. She's an established movie star veteran of sexiness. Salma Hayek barely stands over 5' tall. Her entire body is flawless. The type of chick so fine that certain people would consider drinking her bath water. Especially if she's running that bath water over some of the most perfect boobs in the business. 
  4. Halle Berry. When she exposed her babies in "Swordfish", the world stopped. And, you can't forget the incredibly graphic scene in "Monster's Ball". Her boobs are the catalyst that kicked off puberty for many adolescents. they look as if Michelangelo sculpted them himself. 
  5. Pamela Anderson. She has, by far, the most famous set of boobs in the history of boobdom. They've graced the pages of "Playboy." They've appeared in "Baywatch." Hell, they even had a starring role in Pam's sex tapes. They could very well be the ninth and tenth wonders of the world, respectively.
  6. Nikki Cox. She may not be as famous as some of the other girls on this list, but her boobs definitely carry the same, ummm weight. She's been acting for a while now. Though the shows she's been a part of aren't all the at memorable, she definitely is. Her fame is due in a large part to her, well, large parts. They're a shoe in for the Boob Hall of Fame.
  7. Alyssa Milano. Who would have thought that cute little girl from "Who's the Boss" would grow into one of the sexiest women ever… ever? Yet another flawlessly gorgeous young woman with a platinum body. Her breasts are simply breathtaking. When she reveals them, there's a slight pause.
  8. Tyra Banks. You've seen them. He's seen them. Everybody's seen those beautiful boobs. She was the first African American model to be plastered on the "Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition". Check out what she brought with her. Some of the most beautifully huge boobs ever to be revealed to the male public of this country.
  9. Meagan Good. Yes, she's an actress. Yes, she's so fine it must be her mutant ability. This caramel colored beauty is the new generation of Hollywood hotness. She'll be around for a very long time. And she'll be sporting those perfectly perky friends of hers as well.
  10. Christina Aguilera. That baby weight did her good. How do you get even more beautiful after popping out a kid? Christina Aguilera filled out perfectly in the hips and butt area. She also filled out beautifully up top. She's got the kind of beauty that makes a lot of women upset. She's fine, man.
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