10 Best Bike Shorts For Long Rides

If you like to ride your bike for long period of time then it may be beneficial for you to look at the 10 best bike shorts for long rides. It is essential to give extra consideration to quality when buying bike shorts for long rides. Lengthy rides require extra effort and endurance. It is common to encounter a paddle problem or uneasiness or a skin rash during the ride. To prevent these problems bike shorts need to be comfortable and flexible. 

  1. Craft of Sweden AB Dynamic Cycling Shorts. These are the most comfortable shorts for long rides. Craft of Sweden is from Canada and they boast this product as the best invention since the wheel.
  2. IBEX duo wool Cycling Shorts. are stretchable and comfortable because they are made of a mixture of wool, nylon and spandex. They also have an ability to prevent moisture accumulating on the skin.
  3. Canari Ultra Cycling Shorts. These shorts have durability, comfort and flexibility. Made in USA, these shorts are one of the best bike shorts for long rides.
  4. Pearl Izumi Elite Versa Shorts. These are easy and flexible shorts. Made in USA these shorts truly suit for lengthy trip of cycling.
  5. Castelli Cronos Cycling bib Shorts. These are specially engineered for long periods in the saddle. Made in USA and Macau these shorts are also one of the best bike shorts for long ride.
  6. Biemme Canu Cycling bib Shorts. These consist of a lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric that helps relax the body in long rides. These shorts are one of the best bike shorts for high performance in long rides.
  7. Pearl Izumi P.R.O Thermal Cycle bib Knickers. This pair of shorts has a unique micro sensor fabric which helps maintain the temperature of body. So for long cycling period these shorts are very comfortable.
  8. Pearl Izumi 3D Race Road Cycling Shorts. These are easy to thighs and increases performance on the road. They are used extensively in the world of cycling.
  9. Canari Vortex Gel Shorts. These have a built-in gel specialty which makes them easy to wear for long time hence they are soothing for lengthy rides.
  10. Canari Paceline Cycling Shorts. These are durable and easy-to-care shorts. They can be well used in long rides.
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