10 Best Bike Trails: Colorado

Looking for the 10 best bike trails in Colorado? The search isn’t difficult, with a great expanse of excellent trails for beginner to advanced bikers. When you are looking for scenery and challenge, as well as a great aerobic workout, there are many bike trails to choose from.

  1. Telluride to Moab Hut to Hut, Telluride, CO. This is one of the best bike trails in Colorado if you are seeking an adventure and a work out. You will travel through the 14,000 foot, snow-covered San Juan peaks, through the Uncompahgre Plateau, as well as the beautiful canyons in the Dolores River Valley and more.
  2. Monarch Crest Trail, Salida, CO. This is a truly epic trail and is considered not only one of the best bike trails in Colorado, but also the most premiere in the region. It has actually been named one of the top five trails in the U.S.
  3. Green Mountain Trail, Buffalo Creek, CO. This is a single track upon single track trail that offers some great scenery and wonderful wildlife. There is a fifth of a mile on a double track course with 17.3 miles on single track through Pike National Forest.
  4. Buchanan Pass/Camp Dick Loop, Boulder, CO. This is a great bike trail for advanced riders seeking a single track challenge with great scenery to ride through. Riding along the Middle Saint Vrain Creek, you will get various peeks at the Indian Peaks.
  5. The Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass to Goldhill Trailhead, Jefferson, CO. Suitable for common mountain bikes, this trail is best traveled during summer and fall if you are seeking the best weather and background. There are 32.9 total miles, with optional hiking if you are interested. The top elevation reaches 11,800 feet.
  6. Wise Mountain, Frisco, CO. This Colorado bike trail offers breathtaking scenery and a wonderful ride through 24.8 total looping miles. There is a moderate difficulty trail lasting at most about four hours or less. The best time to take this trail is during July through October for the best biking experience possible.
  7. Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, CO. This is 25 miles of biking bliss, perfect for even beginning bikers. Traveling Palmer Park, you won’t worry about the time as this is a wonderful and very rural, blissful trail within Colorado Springs.
  8. Buck Gulch Trail Loop, Denver, CO. This is a great Denver location with a 10.4 mile loop for moderate to technically easy trail biking with one and a half to three hours of trail. There is a quick ride through Jefferson County and Pike National Forest, with a top elevation of 7,900 feet.
  9. Buffalo Creek Big Ride, Pine, CO. This is a very challenging ride in a 20.2 mile long loop. The single track trail offers several different trails in a large figure eight to provide a great and vigorous workout throughout the area.
  10. The Colorado Trail: Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass, Frisco, CO. Starting at CO-91 at the southern edge of the Copper Mountain Resort, this trail will carry you westward passing near Copper Mountain Village Center. Best during the summer and fall, there are 25.4 great miles through the Holy Cross and Dillon Ranger districts as well as the White River National Forest.


Trails.com: Colorado

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