10 Best Bikini Bodies

Whether you are looking for some eye candy while you are sitting at work or you are trying to prepare yourself for some amazing bikini bodies when you visit the beach this weekend, this is your top 10 list for the best bikini bodies. The guys love it, while the women find jealousy from these ladies' perfect bikini bodies. I'm sure you're wondering, who made the list.

  1. Megan Fox This hottie is known for her sultry looks and bangin' body. Whether she is doing a photo shoot or just playing in the sand and sun, Megan is definitely number one on the list of the best bikini bodies. Her curves, brunette hair and piercing eyes are perfect. Enjoy the many pictures of Megan Fox online in her many bikinis.
  2.  Jessica Biel Although we might not see much of her on the beach, she undeniably has one of the best bikini bodies around. With her hourglass figure and her round rear end, you could get lost in lust staring at her pictures. She looks so much like the girl next door, always pure, yet intricate and beautiful at the same time.
  3. Britney Spears Even though her bikini body seems to change every year, she most often has one of the best bodies around. She carries her curves in all the right places and can be considered a MILF to many. The media is constantly watching her, so you should be able to find an endless compilation of her great bikini body stacked up.
  4. Jessica Simpson This well known beauty is known for being an air head (no offense) and having one of the best bikini bodies around. She has done many photoshoots where you can just stare at the pictures of her large, round breasts and perfectly shaped hips and butt. When you mix those components with long, blonde beachy waves, you get one of the best bikini bodies around.
  5. Marisa Miller Even though you may not see a lot of her in the tabloids, make sure you look for this stunning beauty's great bikini body. You are sure to be entertained with the variety that is offered in her swim wear and how much skin she shows.
  6. Mariah Carey This worldly admired diva is known for her vocals that hit sky high, sending chills up and down your spine. With her skin-bearing bikini tops and barely-there bottoms, she has one of the best physiques around when it comes to the best bikini bodies. Since she has been around for years and years, you are sure to find a variety of great pictures of her in bikinis that bare all.
  7. Jessica Alba Sometimes forgotten since she attempts to stay out of the tabloids, you can't miss her when summer hits. Her amazing bikini body is enough to make any man (and some women) drool. With her perfectly shaped legs and waist, she is known to be a desirable bikini babe.
  8. Christina Milian Known widely for her many different talents within her career, this beach beauty has all the characteristics of the exotic beach bunny. With her dark kinky curls and olive skin tone paired with her stunning body, you get one of the best bikini bodies every year.
  9. Cameron Diaz This lovely lady has been in the entertainment business for years, all of them having a gorgeous figure which is quite desirable by men. When her perfect bikini body is mixed with those blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, you get one of the sexiest beach bunnies around.
  10. Ali Landry Even though we may not pay a lot of attention to her throughout the year, when warm months hit and she gets into that bikini, she is all of a sudden in all our magazines. With her lustful curves and beautiful face, she cannot be left out on this list of the best bikini bodies.
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