10 Best Bikini Swimsuit Models

A hot body and a knockout face are needed for a model who wants to be known as one of the 10 best bikini swimsuit models. If you are looking for ten ladies to serve as eye candy, look no further.

  1. Naomi Campbell. Born in London, England, she has been shown in magazines such as "Vogue" and "Playboy," as well as the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated." Aside from her career as one of the best bikini swimsuit models, she has also been shown in music videos for famous artists, such as Michael Jackson, Nelly, P. Diddy, Prince and Usher.
  2. Veronica Varekova. She is a Czech model who has been featured in the swimsuit edition of "Sports Illustrated" eight times: 1999 to 2002 and 2004 to 2007. In 2004, she appeared on the cover. She has modeled for Victoria Secret and has also become the face of NIVEA.
  3. Rebecca Romijn. Born in California, she has modeled for "Elle," Maybelline, "Sports Illustrated" and "Cosmopolitan." Besides being one of the best bikini swimsuit models in the world, she also is famous is the acting world, starring in shows such as "Ugly Betty" and "Just Shoot Me," as well as all three of the "X-Men" movies as Mystique.
  4. Niki Taylor. She is an American model who was born in Florida and has been shown in magazines such as "Allure," "Vogue," "Elle" and "Shape". She was featured in the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue in 1997, 1998 and 1999. To date, Taylor has been on the cover of more than 400 magazines.
  5. Christie Brinkley.  She is one of the best bikini swimsuit models who is  best known for her three features on the cover of the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated." This American model has been shown on the cover of more than 500 magazines, including "Cosmopolitan," "Glamour" and "Life."
  6. Kim Alexis. Born in New York, Alexis appeared in "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue from the years 1980 to 1989. Also famous actress, she has played in movies on Lifetime, as well as hosting health shows. She also played a role in the last episode of the TV show "Cheers" with Mike Ditka.
  7. Marisa Miller. Miller is an American model most famous for her work with "Sports Illustrated" and her modeling for Victoria Secret. She is also known for her contracts with Harley Davidson and for ranking number one on the "Maxim Hot 100” list. As beautiful as she is, she is also charitable. Miller is the ambassador for the American Cancer Society.
  8. Bar Refaeli. Born in Israel, Refaeli was featured in "Sports Illustrated," posing with Aerosmith in 2007. With this appearance, she became the first Israeli model to be shown in the magazine. In 2009 she was on the cover of "Sports Illustrated," swimsuit edition. She has been featured in magazines such as "GQ" (Italy), "Maxim" and "Elle."
  9. Tyra Banks. She is an American model known in the both the fashion and modeling world. Her work in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York and London made her famous in the modeling world, but it was her work on television that made her known throughout the world.  Banks owns the runway, working with numerous famous designers such as Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana. She also appeared on the cover of the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated" many times. She hosts "America’s Next Top Model" where she seeks out new models and helps ease them into the modeling world. Additionally, Banks has starred in films such as "Life Size" and "Halloween: Resurrection."
  10. Heidi Klum. This gorgeous German model has been on the cover of most famous fashion magazines, including "Vogue," "Elle" and "Marie Claire." Her appearance on the cover of the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue, as well has her work with Victoria’s Secret as an “Angel,” are what really made her famous in the fashion industry. Aside from modeling, Klum has appeared in TV shows such as "Yes, Dear" and "How I Met Your Mother." Additionally, Klum is the host of "Project Runway."
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