10 Best Biographical Movies of All Time


Biographical movies are a tough sell and though there are only ten listed below, there are many other biographical movies out there worth seeing.


1. Bright Star (2009) The biographical movie of John Keats, who died when he was 25 years old from the disease(tuberculosis). In his short life Keats wrote some of the greatest and most celebrated romantic poetry. He loved only one woman and for only three short years, which can be divided into when marriage was impossible and when his death was inevitable. A show of rich color and vibrant performances paints an almost unbelievably romantic and tragic image of the love shared by John Keats and Fanny Brawne.


2. The Young Victoria (2009) Victoria was one of the greatest queens in history. This biographical movie tells of her cloistered childhood, crowning at eighteen, the troubles of her first years on the throne, and her epic romance with Prince Albert. It remains remarkably loyal to the true story.


3. Into the Wild (2007) It stands apart from biographical movies because it was an incredible, heartbreaking story that took place in a world we know. Christopher McCandless does what many of us dream about: he gives up his possessions and money and sets out on a journey that changes not only his life, but the lives of those he meets along the way. Emile Hirsch brilliantly portrays the young man struggling to find himself in a world he cannot understand.


4. Patton (1970) General George S. Patton is perhaps one of the greatest soldiers whoever graced a battlefield. This biographical movie begins as he takes command of the American forces in North Africa and follows his battles through the rest of the war, in which Patton proved his almost inhuman abilities as a soldier and leader.


5. Walk the Line (2005) Johnny Cash is one of the most beloved country artists of all time. Walk the Line proves to be singular among biographical movies as it accurately portrays his life and love for music and June Carter. It follows Cash’s childhood and his discovery of music through his drug addiction and his first meeting with June, to his triumph over drugs, to the top of the country music charts.


6. Amadeus (1984) Told through the eyes of the man who murdered him, Amadeus details the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The biographical movie is filled with music from composers of the day and won eight Oscars. It is filmed in an interesting rhythm: flashbacks told by the man who murdered Mozart and who is confined to an insane asylum.


7. Schindler’s List (1993) The biographical movie Schindler’s List tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party who saved 1,100 people from Auschwitz. The end of the film is perhaps one of the most moving ever made as descendants of the Jews Schindler saved visit his grave in Israel.


8. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) The epic biographical movie about the life of T.E. Lawrence won seven Oscars. Though he died at only 47, he did things few men before or after would ever dream of. He started out as a misfit Lieutenant, created an alliance between Tribes of the region and raided enemy encampments, only to be captured and tortured. He attempts a normal life but quickly finds himself drawn back into the fight and manages to take the city of Damascus with his army of misfits.


9. + 10. Elizabeth I (2005)/Elizabeth (1998) Elizabeth the First ruled the most powerful country of its day alone, in a time when women did not do such a thing. They called her Gloriana, The Virgin Queen and she carried those titles to her death as she led England into its Golden Age. Elizabeth I (2005) is a two-episode television series based on the latter years of Elizabeth’s life and rule, with an outstanding performance by Helen Mirren. Elizabeth (1998) is a powerful biographical epic, starring Cate Blanchet as the young queen, and tells of how she came to power. 

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