10 Best Biography Movies

The top ten best biography movies that ranges from popular to underrated. When someone leads an extraordinary life, the best way to celebrate it is in films. Decades of stories being told on the big screen some have become more famous than others. Here is a mixed list of some biography movies.

  1. "Malcolm X" – This biography movie is about African American leader Malcolm X. An ex-gangster turned Muslim preacher, he sets out spread the word of the lord. He eventually retracts his anti-white teachings only to be later assassinated for it.
  2. "Schindler's List" – Oscar Schindler will always be remembered as a hero for helping Jewish people escape being transported to concentration camps. Although he was a Nazi officer, his generosity saved thousands of Jewish people by giving them a place to work in his factory. They are known in history as Schindler Jews.
  3. "Boys Don't Cry" – A tragic biography movie about the life of a transgendered teen named Brandon Teena. Brandon’s life was on it's way after he met the love of his life. It wasn’t until his sexual identity of was revealed that things took a turn for the worse.
  4. "A Beautiful Mind" – An excellent biography movie about the life of a mathematician named John Nash who suffers from schizophrenia. As a college graduate, he saw success quickly until the darker side of him started to take over. Lost in his own reality, John struggles with being apart of society.
  5. "Milk" – It follows the political career, struggles and untimely death of gay activist Harvey Milk. He relocates from New York to San Francisco and opens a popular shop in the gay community. This popularity led him to run for office to fight for gay rights.
  6. "The Aviator" – This biography movie is about the bizarre life of Howard Hughes. From aviator to film director, he developed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). His career slowly came to a halt when his disease started to take control of him.
  7. "Selena" – This biography movie retells the life of tejano singing sensation Selena. From singing at fairs to selling out arenas, Selena was going to take the Latin and pop music world by storm. But an unlikely friendship with a dangerous friend will end up costing her her dreams.
  8. "Amadeus" – A biography movie about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the point of view of Antonio Salieri. The movie shows sides of Mozart that are not often told in history. Antonio is jealous of Mozart’s constant praise and vows to take revenge for stealing the spotlight from him.
  9. "Sid and Nancy" –Love, sex, drugs and rock’n roll. The movie recaps the moment in Sex Pistol’s bassist Sid Vicious’s life from when he met Nancy. Native New Yorker Nancy is stranded in England and soon becomes a bad influence on the musician. She introduces Sid to heroine and together they embark on a dangerous co-dependant relationship leading to Nancy’s accidental murder.
  10. "Monster" –A disturbing biography movie about the life of Aileen Wuornos. She was once a prostitute who became a serial killer. The movie depicts the hardships that led to her becoming one of America’s first female serial killer.
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