10 Best Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend

Choose from the ten best birthday gifts for your girlfriend.  You may prefer something more romantic or something more along the lines of a gift that she'll enjoy by herself.  Either way, here are ten of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend.

  1. Her favorite perfume.  Help her expand or get more of her favorite perfume.  After all, they are expensive and always a favorite for women.
  2. Clothes.  If you know her taste and fit of clothes, this is a nice gift, especially if she agrees.
  3. Tickets.  Find a great show that she'll enjoy.  You may also choose to get extras for a date, or even for her friends, which she would enjoy.
  4. A work-related gift.  Maybe her briefcase is getting old, or she could use something computer-related for her work (or school). This is a gift you can't go wrong with.
  5. Board games.  This is a great choice for something to do as a couple.  Gifts that allow for more quality time are usually well-received.
  6. Vacation.  You can be as simple or elaborate as needed.  Vacations are a great gift for any occasion, and certainly for a birthday gift for your girlfriend.
  7. Books, movies, and music.  These gifts can give more of a personal effect for a birthday.  After all, this day is about her.
  8. Take her and her friends out.  Plan a night out for your girlfriend and maybe some of her friends.  For some more social women, birthdays are best spent with a lot of company.
  9. Give her a day of relaxation.  A trip to the spa is a favorite.  Make a relaxing day of it, including massages and other spa-related treats that women enjoy.
  10. Plan a surprise party.  Don't give her any hints.  Call up a bunch of friends and family and plan a surprise party to celebrate the occasion.

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